Car maintenance is not too much, love the car too

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Car maintenance is not too much, love the car too much is also harmful to the car

there is a degree in everything, so is the car. Proper car maintenance can make your car maintain better performance and use for a longer time. However, you should also be alert to some excessive maintenance behaviors, which will be a kind of harm to your car

in addition to routine normal maintenance, maintenance can be carried out according to the time in the vehicle maintenance manual. The following misunderstandings of vehicle maintenance should also be avoided:

misunderstanding 1: more oil is better than less

the oil in the crankcase cannot be added more or less. Too much oil will increase the rotation resistance of the crank connecting rod mechanism and increase the oil splashing on the cylinder wall. Too much oil will lead to increased carbon deposition in the combustion chamber and reduced engine power, which will affect emissions

when checking or adding engine oil, the owner shall add engine oil according to the scale on the engine oil scale. The maximum engine oil level shall not exceed the upper limit of the scale and the minimum shall not be lower than the lower line of the scale. It is usually appropriate to add the engine oil level to the upper position in the middle of the two scales

Myth 2: tire pressure should be higher than lower

some car owners like to inflate the tire pressure very high. They think this can not only overload but also save fuel. This practice is incorrect. Too high tire pressure will reduce the tire ground contact, aggravate the tire tread wear, and reduce the braking effect during braking, which will affect the driving safety. Low tire pressure is also bad. Low tire pressure will not only affect driving safety and braking effect, but also accelerate the wear of tire shoulder and increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle

myth 3: wheel screws should be tightened rather than loosened

bolts in various parts of the car have corresponding provisions on the tightening torque according to the diameter, pitch and purpose. If the specified torque is not reached, the bolts will loosen, and the bolts exceeding the tightening torque will be elongated. Before tightening the components, it is necessary to master the tightening force of each bolt. China's plastic machinery enterprises have expanded the opening torque of emerging markets of extruders in recent years, such as wheel bolts. Generally, the tightening torque of household car tire bolts is between n · M

myth 4: it's better to tighten the accessory belt than loose

some car owners believe that increasing the tightness of the accessory belt can improve the refrigeration effect of the compressor and the power generation of the generator, so they try to improve the tightness of the belt, but they don't know that this approach is wrong. The accessory belt shall be properly tensioned, because too tight the belt will cause excessive bearing load, shorten the service life of components, and lead to belt fracture, which will eventually affect the normal use of the vehicle


with the longer time, the car is no longer just a means of transportation. It is more like our friends, and even integrated into our family and become an important member of the family. We should take great care of our car and exercise moderate restraint. Don't turn "love" car into "harm" car


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