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Now, door and window stores have been seen everywhere in the building materials market, which also means that the competitive market has increased greatly, so the sales skills of door and window salespersons are very important, which also virtually increases the competitiveness in the industry

first, do a good job of knowledge storage

salespersons should design a communication problem list, and think and design it carefully. For the sold products or services, proceed from reality, and keep the problem list in mind. In the process of communicating with customers, they can slowly apply it, gradually master the control in the conversation, and deepen the impression of the problem at the same time

second, enough is enough

don't ask customers questions continuously. Some salespersons will be very enthusiastic to ask customers questions after customers enter the store, for fear of snubbing customers. However, this will cause customers' disgust, especially when there are more than 3 problems; Moreover, such continuous questioning also makes customers feel as if they are being investigated, resulting in invisible pressure and sense of urgency, resulting in rebellious psychology, which will eventually lead to sales failure and customers leave

third, understand the needs

screen and sort out the answers of customers, and find out the real needs of customers from these answers. Salespersons can combine their own question lists to constantly summarize and summarize the answers of customers, and they will get real gains from them

IV. flexible communication

don't answer the questions raised by customers. Some salespersons blindly promote products, regardless of whether customers are willing or not, do not pay attention to the answers of customers, and have nothing to do with the answers to customers' questions. They lack respect, resulting in customer dissatisfaction

stimulate customers' purchase desire through easy questions and verbal communication, so that the value of products can be fully displayed to customers, and the price problem will naturally become no problem. Therefore, don't talk about price too early, which will lead to sales failure

in a word, the sales of doors and windows should not be rushed. We should grasp the needs of customers step by step and meet their needs in order to better sell doors and windows


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