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Craftsman of fine materials, easy to install in the whole house + bookcase design: environmental protection quality, health and peace of mind

the study has always been a good place to work, and also a place for the family to improve themselves and read. Such a sacred place, how can it not be well designed? The bookcase plays an important role in every family, and its size and location are very particular. Do you like these designs shared by Chinese brand fine craftsman healthy boards

bookcase design: change the regular form without a desk. Instead, simple bookcases and chairs create a very modern atmosphere. The steadiness and temperament of black walnut, coupled with the fresh and flexible ivory, make the study simple and rich in connotation

the design of bookcase + rollover bed is very novel and Avantgarde, which can meet the needs of storage, temporary guest bedroom, office and other needs, and easily realize a variety of functions. The card seat extends by the window, and you can also sit on the card seat when reading

the desk cabinet adopts two board colors, Youyang and ivory white, which are warm and quiet. Make full use of the two walls to free up more space for activities. The integrated design of desk cabinet and window cabinet not only meets the storage requirements, but also has a desk

the bookcase standing against the wall is symmetrical left and right, which looks grand and beautiful; Orange Prada 2-person sofa is placed in the middle to realize the perfect combination of reading + leisure, and books are handy. The cabinets on the left and right sides can also be used to put some books and tea sets, which makes life very comfortable

the height of the bookcase is staggered, and the open design is combined with the closed design to meet the needs of classified storage; The overall layout is very simple, but it easily meets the needs of office and storage

the bookcase is integrated with the tatami with lifting table. It is designed according to the height of the bay window. The corner desk is combined with the bookcase. The study is not only a place for office, but also a good place for reception and leisure

environmental protection quality, health and peace of mind! The whole house of fine craftsman is easy to install + the whole series adopts fine craftsman E0 level healthy and environmental protection boards, and selects high-quality solid wood cores to ensure high-quality environmental protection performance. Good products and services are the foundation for fine craftsman to establish brand. Continuous innovation, shaping personality and realizing differentiated competition are the core advantages of fine craftsman. Chinese brand craftsman of fine materials has been constantly improving and upgrading the quality of products, always leading the development of domestic medium and high-end environmental protection plate industry, and has played a major leading and promoting role in the environmental protection and upgrading of decorative building materials. Craftsman of fine materials: E0 decorative materials, healthy Chinese family

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