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Feng Shui has a great influence on all aspects of our fortune, so everyone pays attention to Feng Shui everywhere in life; In that Feng Shui, what are the stresses of Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex houses? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex houses

taboo of Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex houses

Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings &mdash& mdash; Don't accept gas

because the building structure of duplex buildings mostly depends on one house, the boundary between floors is not obvious, so once a good gas field enters the room, it will be dissipated. This makes it impossible for a good gas field to reach the area where residents' daily activities are concentrated, while a bad gas field stays indoors and cannot be discharged

in the face of such a situation, Feng Shui believes that the spatial structure design of the duplex building should be as simple and clear as possible, which is conducive to the inhalation and absorption of air in the duplex room

Feng Shui for decoration of duplex buildings &mdash& mdash; Avoid installing fans or air conditioners in the porch

in the feng shui of duplex decoration, installing fans or air conditioners in the entrance porch area is not conducive to wealth. The reason is that most of the air flow enters the room from the gate. If a good air field or wealth enters the room and is blown by fans or air conditioners when passing through the porch area, it is likely to make the air flow disperse in the porch and cannot enter the room. This will lead to the formation of the pattern of draining wealth

Feng Shui for decoration of duplex buildings &mdash& mdash; Avoid making beds on windowsills

nowadays, most families will connect windowsills and bedroom beds for the purpose of saving space or expanding the area of bedroom beds. However, in the feng shui of duplex room decoration, such a design method will make the bedroom bed too close to the street, thus affecting the sleep quality of residents

in addition, such a layout will cause psychological fear of residents when encountering strong lights or lightning. At the same time, it will also form “ Guangsha &rdquo

Feng Shui for decoration of duplex buildings &mdash& mdash; Avoid fierce decorations

most families will choose to hang decorative paintings to decorate the space, showing the owner's artistic taste and self-restraint. However, Feng Shui of duplex decoration believes that duplex buildings are not suitable for hanging fierce paintings. Otherwise, it will have an impact on the daily life of the residents, and it will also be harmful to the physical and mental health of the residents and their career

Feng Shui for decoration of duplex buildings &mdash& mdash; Stairs (guidaye Feng Shui

Feng Shui is very particular about the decoration of duplex rooms “ Like whirling, avoid straight ”. This also requires that the stairs of duplex buildings should be as small as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of gathering and nourishing qi

if the area of the house is relatively large, then broken line stairs with rest platforms or beautiful and comfortable arc ladders are good choices. If the area of the house is relatively small, the use of spiral stairs can save a lot of space. Spiral stairs have beautiful appearance and the effect of buffering indoor air flow

what is the stress of Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings?

the most important thing in the decoration of duplex buildings is stairs, because in duplex buildings, most of them use stairs up and down two floors. In the decoration of our duplex buildings, the stairs should be as small as possible. If the space of the house is large, you can use some broken line Loudi in the rest platform. If the space is small, it is recommended that we use spiral stairs, because the use of such stairs not only looks beautiful, but also conforms to the principle of Chinese decoration Feng Shui, which likes whirling and avoids direct rushing. Only in this way can we bring a relaxing effect to the aura of indoor space

many duplex buildings also have small attics. Many families like to use this small attic as a bedroom or study when designing duplex buildings. However, in Chinese decoration Feng Shui, irregular houses in duplex buildings are not suitable for bedrooms. After all, the bedroom has higher requirements for the shape of the room, and the general attic belongs to polygon or bevel. Such a shape will easily bring people more spiritual burden, and also easily cause Feng Shui evil spirit. It is naturally harmful to people's health

another important part of the Chinese decoration of the duplex building is the porch. Because the decoration of the porch in the duplex building has affected the Feng Shui fortune of the whole family. The porch floor generally needs to choose very auspicious patterns. As a porch, it must be reasonably used in order to have a good effect of attracting money. For example, fans can't be placed in the porch, which will make the air flow blow disorderly and cause a pattern of money leakage. I hope the owners will pay more attention

stress on Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex houses

first of all, there is no distinction between primary and secondary. Friends who have seen or lived in a duplex house know that duplex means a house with two or three floors connected up and down. Up and down, usually through the stairs. Usually, the first floor is used as the living room, with a guest room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The second floor is usually used as the master room. If it is on the third floor, there may be an extra study or master room on the third floor. In fact, this is a big taboo in Feng Shui. Generally, in residential buildings, the living room should be large, and no matter how large the room is, it cannot be larger than the living room. But now in many buildings, the master room is very large. For example, in duplex, some people often use the first floor as the master room, thinking that it is good to be broad. I don't know that the bedroom can't be too big. Feng Shui is called “ If you are not clear, you are going through the palace ”. It means occupying two or three positions at the same time. Such a layout, generally live in, thinking is not clear, easy to dream, people will have no spirit, very effective

and then the gas is not clear. Duplex buildings are different from quadrangles, one by one, one door to one door, and often have complex structures. Most importantly, the master room is often arranged on the second or third floor. In this way, a good gas field has degenerated through the filtration of going up and down stairs. As a result, good aura often cannot reach the most commonly used places, and bad aura accumulates in the bedroom. This is related to the internal layout and reticulation of duplex houses

there is also a layout error. Why is it that there must be some mistakes in the layout of duplex buildings? Because:

1) the master room must have a bathroom. This bathroom has at least a 50% chance of being unreasonable

2) even if the bathroom is reasonable, the living room and the master room are often not on the same plane, which is easy to form a complex atmosphere. It can't be all right when it's good, and it may double when it's bad. In Feng Shui, it is often emphasized that “ Qizhuan ”, Like human thoughts, it is useless to be too messy

there is also a sense of oppression. Because of the double entry, the second and third floors should be considered at the same time. Therefore, the roof distance of duplex houses is generally less after completion. I believe many people have this feeling. After entering a duplex house for a long time, you will feel very oppressive. This is a form evil in Feng Shui. Where people live, Yang must be sufficient, which can be not wide, but not too short. The so-called "heaven is coming, earth is uploading", that's it

the last is the stairway. The hall refers to the living room. Generally, there must be stairs for duplex houses. And the stairs are often easy to be set in or near the living room due to space reasons, which is a great disadvantage. People who live inside are prone to stomach problems, and women are prone to gynecological diseases, or abdominal problems




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