Feng Shui taboo in Chinese style sofa decoration

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From the perspective of home feng shui, the placement of sofa in Chinese decorated living room cannot be arranged at will. Tian Yuan Chinese Design Institute has summarized the methods of living room sofa and Feng Shui for you in Chinese decoration design for many years

the important position of Chinese decorated sofa in the living room is like an important port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible before it can flourish. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, shaped like the "U" of the English letter. The decoration of sofa should also be like an advanced harbor, with one arm stretched out on both sides. If the sofa is a straight row, it will be like a strong man with broken arms, and it is difficult to do anything. Although some ports lack an arm and can't be protected left and right, as long as there is a bend at the place where they go to the water, they can hold against the water. If the Chinese style decoration of the villa is limited by the environment, and the sofa cannot be supported by arms on the left and right, then you can retreat and take the second place. Set up another sofa at the water level, and make Xiaguan sand to welcome the incoming water from the gate, forming a water gathering situation, which is also in line with the way of Feng Shui. The gate of some residences forms a diagonal line with the door of the balcony, so it is more necessary to set up a sand gate at the water outlet to receive the incoming water, so as to avoid the leakage of water flowing from the gate

the shape of sofa can be divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa and round sofa. In terms of materials, it can also be divided into leather sofa, cloth sofa, rattan sofa and traditional sour branch chair. In terms of color and shape, it is even more varied. The number of sets of sofa in Chinese decorated living room is exquisite, and the most taboo is one and a half sets, or the combination of two kinds of sofas. In terms of psychology, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there are windows, doors or passages behind the sofa in villa Chinese decoration, it is also equal to that there is no backer behind the sofa. If there is no solid wall behind the sofa, a more effective improvement method is to place the low cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called "artificial backer", and it will also play a remedial role. There should not be a big mirror behind the Chinese decorated sofa. When people sit on the sofa, others can clearly see the back of their head from the mirror, which is very bad. And if the mirror is not around, it doesn't matter that the back of the brain won't reflect out of the mirror

if the Chinese style decoration sofa of the villa is in line with the door, it is called "hedge" in Feng Shui. There are 3 pages in total, page 1, 123, next page





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