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A century of trials and tribulations passed together, and a century of brands witnessed together. In addition to their own strength, what is more important is the recognition of consumers, which is the biggest driving force for the old carpenter's wardrobe to go on

the old carpenter's idea is very simple - to make good works of inheritance with the good craftsmanship of his ancestors

our ancestors left us a lot. What should we leave for future generations

"old carpenter" brand originated in 1918. Since then, everyone who walks into "old carpenter" will regard himself as the carpenter, and always take the carpenter as a borrowing ruler to spur himself. Life is the only creation in one's life. "Old carpenter" people use their wisdom to "build" the house of life. Every day, they knock a nail in, add a board, or erect a wall. They all require excellence and try their best to make life more beautiful

the old carpenter wood industry takes "log customized furniture" as the starting point to create a superior home living environment for you. We continue the fine carving handicraft since the last century, and combine it with modern mature household production technology, taking "environmental protection" as the production concept; Create value for customers as the business philosophy; Take "becoming bigger, stronger and the first in the industry" as the enterprise goal, and make unremitting efforts to establish the brand of "old carpenter" to make it go further and further

the old carpenter creates a beautiful and tidy corporate image and a behavioral culture. People transform the environment, and the environment also transforms people, making all kinds of tangible and intangible favorable factors become the source of power for the construction of corporate culture. Take strengthening measures to achieve greening, purification and beautification at the same time, divide regions, clarify responsibilities, manage and rectify, and maintain a healthy environment for a long time

"life is created by yourself". Walk into the old carpenter, and the old carpenter will work with you to create a better life

a century old brand, the old carpenter has always adhered to making good works for consumers. What we leave to future generations is to inherit the skills and fine traditions left to us by our ancestors





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