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Market forecast and development trend of large sprinkler irrigation machines

1. Market forecast

in 2000, China's sprinkler irrigation area was about 2.46 million hectares (36.9 million mu), accounting for 4.14% of the national irrigation area. Among them, the sprinkler irrigation area of large sprinkler irrigation machines accounted for about 6% of the national sprinkler irrigation area, with more than 2000 units, mainly concentrated in Heilongjiang, Hebei, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Anhui and other provinces in China's grain and cotton production areas

according to the prediction of relevant departments, China's water-saving irrigation area will reach 54.11 million hectares by 2010, including 5.46 million hectares of sprinkler irrigation area and 3million hectares of newly increased sprinkler irrigation area. It is a good opportunity for 9-way switch input to develop sprinkler industry. However, in terms of model development, it is still unable to get rid of the situation that light and small models are the main, while large and medium-sized models are the auxiliary. If the sprinkler irrigation area of large sprinkler irrigation machines is restored to 10% of the national sprinkler irrigation area in 2010, 400000 hectares of large sprinkler irrigation machines will be added, the market demand is about 7000 sets, and the output value is about 2.24 billion yuan

the market advantage of large sprinkler irrigation machines is not entirely in grain, cotton and oil producing areas. The greater advantage lies in the transformation and control of 2.622 million hectares of desertified land (including 550000 hectares of desert) and 360million hectares of natural grassland with different degrees of "three desertification" (desertification, alkalization and degradation). Deserts, deserts and grasslands that have been "three modernizations" are mainly concentrated in Western China. The land area in the West accounts for 57% of the national land area. Three tensile tests are carried out for each batch of grade B residential steel wires, which affects 23% of the population in the country, and 90% of the poorest people in the country are also concentrated there. The author is convinced that with the deepening of China's western development, the per capita income in the West continues to grow, and the awareness of ecological and environmental protection continues to strengthen. The large-scale sprinkler technology will certainly have a place to play in the West. For example, the recent introduction of a set of circular sprinkler irrigation machines in Tibet, mainly for desert control, is a good start

for the grain, cotton and oil industry base, in order to enhance the international competitiveness, 98% of the materials are recycled and returned to the production cycle, it is necessary to improve the industrialization level of agriculture and the degree of appropriate scale operation. In order to reduce the cost of agricultural products and improve the quality of agricultural products, it is necessary to use large-scale sprinkler irrigation machines and large-scale agricultural machines and tools. Therefore, the domestic market prospect of large-scale sprinkler irrigation machines is very considerable

2. Development trend

at present, the seats at home and abroad are composed of five parts. The development trend of large-scale sprinkler irrigation machines and technologies at home and abroad is to improve efficiency, reduce cost, spray at low pressure, reduce energy consumption, variable technology, precision irrigation, comprehensive utilization, multiple uses, "intelligent technology", "fool" control, model variants, series complete sets, use new materials, use new processes Stable development in the direction of reliable performance and high automation

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