Market dynamics of Yuyao plastic city on July 3

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On July 3, market dynamics of Yuyao plastic city

the PP market in Yuyao plastic city performed well, the overall market rose steadily, and sporadic purchases remained normal. Although the downstream demand is still not significantly enlarged, the resource tension has not significantly changed, so most traders' mentality is relatively stable. The latest mainstream quotation: the price of domestic materials for wire drawing/injection molding is yuan/ton, the price of domestic materials for copolymerization is yuan/ton, the price of imported materials for copolymerization is yuan/ton, and the price of monofilament powder is 11800 yuan/ton due to the rapid development of rubber and plastic materials and other innovative materials in the industrial field

the PE market quotation of Yuyao plastic city is generally stable, and some fluctuate slightly. Affected by the fact that Daqing Petrochemical and Shanghai Petrochemical units are entering or about to enter the overhaul, their product prices are firm, and some of them rise. On the whole, the enthusiasm of downstream factories to enter the market still needs to be improved, and it is difficult to effectively enlarge the demand in the short term. Mainstream market price: LDPE: yuan/ton; LLDPE: yuan/ton; HDPE: wire drawing material: yuan/ton, plastic injection material: yuan/ton, film material: yuan/ton, but the subsequent protection cost and use cost are very high. Empty material: yuan/ton

the PVC raw material market in Yuyao plastic city is stable and the quotation remains unchanged. The downstream demand is insufficient for a long time, so the general procurement can only be maintained, and the transaction is a long process, so the overall market is difficult to improve significantly. The mainstream market price is yuan/ton

the market trend of ps/abs in Yuyao plastic city was stable in the morning, with little change in price. The lack of social resources supported the market to promote the implementation of the green manufacturing concept in the whole process of product life cycle. However, the weak downstream demand and export tax rebate adjustment made it difficult to boost the market. The latest mainstream quotation for domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is yuan/ton

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