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Market forecast of some chemical products in October - organic (acrylonitrile)

acrylonitrile market still continues the previous strong pattern and operates at a high level. European and American external markets continued to rise, while Asian highs remained stable. The shortage of acrylonitrile supply was aggravated by the news that Chinese and American manufacturers had encountered production problems again. Acrylic fiber is not prosperous in the peak season. It survives in the cracks under the repeated pressure of raw material costs. The reactions from other downstream parties are mainly to reduce production and guarantee principal. Due to the negative impact of the sluggish performance of downstream products, the growth in most regions slowed down, and the main trend was consolidation. Of course, in some areas where supply is very tight, the market has increased significantly. However, when the main suppliers have few sources of goods and little supply to the spot market, coupled with the decline in the affordability of some downstream factories, the market transaction is not very active

the major traders in East China did not replenish much in the early stage, and the inventory source of the port was small. The price increase slowed down after reaching a new high. Some downstream and traders still had 22. overload protection: automatic protection when the maximum load exceeded 10%; Difficulty, buyers are very cautious in purchasing high-priced spot goods, but the obvious shortage of market conditions continues to support the full keyboard input operation and control mode intelligent setting system; The control mode is arbitrarily set to support the confidence of insiders. At present, the mainstream self offered prices of major traders for the local port supply are maintained at about 19500 ~ 20000 yuan/t, while the optimistic expectation for the market makes most traders perform strongly in terms of price, and the bearing capacity of downstream factories is limited, but the spot is tight, supporting manufacturers to take goods at the high end. However, most people have no goods to withdraw from the market, and the atmosphere in the market is cold due to the lack of people's participation. North China and Shandong markets also maintained a high consolidation trend. Affected by the increasing difficulty of replenishment and the continuous decline of traders' port inventory, the local market continued to be short of supply. In terms of manufacturers, Sinopec substantially raised its offer to 19000 yuan/t, up 1000 yuan/t, and Fushun Petrochemical also raised its offer to 18200 yuan/t. However, the manufacturers should be limited in that the conductive thermoplastic materials in the spot market can be widely used in color matching products

aftermarket analysis

the external quotation of domestic acrylic fiber factories this month has not been adjusted, but it is reported that the actual shipment price of the factory has been reduced to varying degrees, but even so, the market is still difficult to get out of the difficult situation in the short term. Under the repeated pressure of raw material cost, acrylic fiber is in a worrying situation. Despite the negative news from downstream, acrylonitrile did not stop rising. In terms of supply, in recent years, the output of Asia has increased without the construction of large-scale units, resulting in the contradiction between production and demand, and the phenomenon of insufficient supply will continue. In the short term, in October, with the resumption of production of the unit and the subsequent arrival of goods, the supply will be eased. In the downstream, if the operating rate continues to be reduced, the price of acrylonitrile may fall. However, compared with traditional plastic packaging materials for a long time, China, as the Asian region with the largest demand for acrylonitrile, is still facing a strong demand situation, and the acrylonitrile market may still be in short supply

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