Market game between the hottest water-based paint

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Market game between water-based paint and oil-based paint

market game between water-based paint and oil-based paint

September 30, 2006

China's modern civil coating market has experienced two revolutions. For the first time, emulsion paint eliminated 107 glue containing formaldehyde and low performance; The second is that polyester paint has occupied the wood paint market with its ultra-high hardness and wear resistance, diversification, material saving, simple manufacturing skills and other characteristics, but its performance defects in safety, environmental protection and health are always difficult to avoid

with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection in decoration, water-based paint with little volatile came into being and quickly became popular in a short time. As a useful supplement to oil-based paint, the advent of water-based paint is welcomed by the market. Some even pointed out that it will be possible to completely replace oil-based paint

water-based paint has emerged as a new force. While activating the market, it has also won a large share of the paint market. As a result, a contest about seizing market share was quietly launched between water-based paint and oil-based paint

the paint market is impacted by water-based paint

according to the technical director of the green paper paint manufacturer in the key field of water-based science development for the next experiment, the fundamental difference between oil-based paint and water-based paint is that oil-based paint uses a polluting and combustible organic solvent as the diluent, which has higher hardness and better fullness of the paint film. The water-based paint using tap water as diluent can also achieve the basic coating effect, and is more environmentally friendly and safe

since the beginning of "yalimei" in Shandong, many people of insight have been advancing one after another, persistently rushing left and right in the field of water-based paint, expanding market share through channel expansion and market operation, and directly impacting the oil-based paint market. However, it is regrettable that the standards of water-based paint, especially the hardness and film fullness of water-based wood paint, have not been fully accepted by the majority of users and consumers

Manager Gao said that at present, a large number of water-based paint manufacturers in the market belong to the "oil to water" 3 Double report editing: fully open user editing report type. Due to the rising price of raw materials and the shrinking profit margin, many paint "giants" have to switch to water-based paint, but so far they have been unable to balance the contradiction between oil-based paint and water-based paint in terms of market sales

water based paint is expected to replace oil-based paint

it is reported that the average utilization rate of water-based environmental protection paint has reached 80% abroad, but it is still less than 25% in China. The huge development space and market potential make the water-based paint develop more rapidly

relevant experts pointed out that since the oil paint is mainly nitro paint and polyester paint, a large number of organic solvents are added in the dilution process, which will stay indoors for a long time and cause harm to human health. Therefore, the oily paint has also been dubbed "invisible killer". In addition, the recent continuous rise in crude oil prices has led to an increase in the prices of oil-based paint raw materials, which will inevitably lead to changes in retail prices. Nowadays, the price of some oil-based paint brands even exceeds that of water-based paint, and the market space is further shrinking

it is understood that in 2002, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and interior wall coatings and the limit of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration materials. In 2004, the seventh announcement was issued, announcing that the compulsory certification of solvent based wood coatings will be implemented from May 1, 2004, and the state will no longer approve new solvent based coating manufacturers by 2005. Industry insiders pointed out that various signs show that water-based paint is expected to replace oil-based paint in the near future and become the leading product in the paint market

water-based paint calls for the introduction of standards

although the water-based paint industry is only a "newborn" in the Chinese market, it is undeniable that the water-based paint market has begun to appear the phenomenon of muddy sand and fish eyes mixing beads. Some irregular manufacturers and distributors try to use inferior products to confuse the public and deceive consumers for huge profits. The introduction of water-based paint industry standards is imperative

it is understood that recently, the formulation of the industry standard for waterborne wood coatings, convened and organized by the National Technical Committee for standardization of coatings and pigments, is in full swing. China Resources, Nippon, garberry, Dr. Ba, Dingyuan and other industry giants gathered in Guangzhou at the end of September to participate in the discussion

lizhenbo, general manager of Dibang chemical company, said that although consumers have a strong awareness of environmental protection, the domestic market not only emphasizes environmental protection performance but also demands physical performance for coating products, which is undoubtedly the fundamental obstacle to the development of environmentally friendly waterborne wood paint. It will be a long and difficult process for water-based paint to compete with oil-based paint. This requires the water-based paint to issue a unified standard as soon as possible while continuously improving its own products

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