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The market differentiation appears under the weak trend of "peak season" in the glass market

the National Day holiday has ended, and the glass market is a little pessimistic due to the end of the holiday. This year's traditional peak season has surprised the market. The continued weakness in the peak season has also frustrated the market confidence again. Futures learned that how to test the sensitivity of the tensile testing machine? Now let's share with you: so far, China's glass confidence index has reached 1062.31 points, up -12.28 points month on month and -1.07 points year on year

according to insiders, although the glass spot market was in the traditional peak sales season in September, the quality of gold, silver and ten was slightly insufficient, and the overall production and sales of glass enterprises were less than expected

"The domestic consumer market has been adjusted by the real estate policy. The consumption of glass has decreased to a certain extent year-on-year, and the order volume of processing enterprises has increased limited month on month; while the production capacity supply has increased year-on-year, although the production capacity of some northern regions has decreased, and other regions have increased more. In addition, the export has also had a certain impact. Some trading countries have reduced the purchase quantity or delayed the delivery time due to the impact of changes in their own exchange rates. ”The above industry insiders said that compared with last September, the increase in spot prices and confidence fell back to a certain extent. At the same time, some manufacturers in the northern region have increased their efforts to clean up the inventory in the early stage, which has also affected the sales speed of products with normal prices when the sensor is pulled P. "

according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the output of flat glass in August was 72.81 million heavy boxes, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year; In January, the cumulative output of flat glass was 57.88 million heavy boxes, an increase of -0.1% year-on-year. It is found that, relatively speaking, the trend of the glass spot market in September was stable and showed the characteristics of regional differentiation. Some manufacturers in northern China can choose from the customer's needs when cleaning up their inventory for the market price! Large impact, while the southern region performs better

"specifically, the overall trend of East China's glass spot market is general. The delivery speed of manufacturers is slower than expected. The market price is affected by the increase in the entry of glass from other cities, and the increase is not large. In early September, the delivery of manufacturers is OK, and traders and processing enterprises are more active in purchasing." The relevant person in charge of China Glass said that some manufacturers in North China cleaned up their early inventory, which flowed into Shandong, Anhui and other markets, and the price pressure of local manufacturers increased. At present, the spot price is basically maintained at the early level, and the rise is still weak. It is expected that the spot demand in East China will remain stable in the next month, and the price will fluctuate mainly in a narrow range

similarly, the overall performance of the glass spot market in North China is not optimistic. The delivery speed of production enterprises slows down, and the spot price adjustment is relatively large. In August, affected by the shutdown of production lines in Shahe area, the spot price increased significantly. Since September, the low inventory price of some manufacturers in the early stage of cleaning up has hindered the sales of glass at normal prices, and the overall spot price has also fallen by a large margin. Traders have increased their outbound speed to reduce the pressure on capital occupation. On the whole, the inventory of manufacturers in North China decreased only on a month on month basis, and the inventory of some manufacturers still increased

different from the northern market, the markets in South China and central China performed well in September. The delivery of production enterprises was normal. The increase of spot price was higher than that in other regions, and the market confidence was acceptable. The orders of processing enterprises are relatively stable, and the purchases of traders are normal. "In terms of time, the last ten days are better than the middle of the previous ten days. The spot market of glass in Central China performed well in August and September, and the spot price has increased significantly. At present, the inventory of production enterprises is at a reasonable level. However, the pressure on production capacity in the later period is also worth paying attention to, and several production lines have been fired continuously in the near future." Said the above person in charge

for the later market evolution, chenxiaofei, an expert in the glass spot market, believes that the market demand in the traditional peak season has not fundamentally changed. "The current spot price has also been higher than that of the same period last year, but the increase has only narrowed. For enterprises, it is important to stabilize the price and try to destock in October. In some regions, the rush of orders will also increase the demand." He said

"although the market glass inventory increased a lot this week, based on the judgment of future demand, the shipment volume may have bottomed out, and the probability of bottoming out in the future is high." Chenyi, head of Shanghai Research and investment center of Jianghai Huixin futures, said that the core concern of the market is that although the inventory may continue to accumulate, the perfection of the accumulation speed function will decline, and what kind of spot price pressure will be driven by the next week's shipment. In his opinion, in the next market, if the enterprises' willingness to reduce prices is not strong with the improvement of delivery, or a stable state of price shock is formed; If the spot price falls, take the falling price as the reference target and wait for the opportunity in late October to return to the main logic. In addition, based on the current discount and the view that the sales volume has bottomed out, it is not recommended to catch up

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