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Sensor manufacturer Beijing Heguang Weiye signed a contract with xtools CRM

recently, sensor manufacturer Beijing Heguang Weiye signed a contract with xtools to use the powerful functions of xtools system to manage customers, contract orders, purchase, sales, inventory, mobile office and other aspects of business. The application of CRM information software provides impetus for its business process, intelligence and refinement, Heguang Weiye can shift its business focus to product innovation and breakthroughs in sensing technology

in the process of the evolution of traditional industrial equipment towards intelligence and informatization, sensors can be said to be an upgraded version of human sensory system, which can be more accurate, comprehensive, fast, collect, identify, store, identify and analyze the information that humans want, including all kinds of physical, chemical or biological, and are widely used in industrial production, space development, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resource investigation, medical diagnosis, bioengineering Even cultural relics protection and other extremely extensive fields. From the perspective of bionics, if the computer is regarded as the brain that processes and recognizes information, the communication system is regarded as the nervous system that transmits information, and the sensor is equivalent to a sensory organ. With the booming market of artificial intelligence and IOT, the role of sensors in social and economic development is becoming more and more obvious, such as the recent boom in artificial intelligence robot alphago, Amazon's drone delivery, smart home thermostat, etc., which has profoundly changed the original lifestyle,

the domestic sensor industry is facing problems

1, lack of core technology and basic capabilities, and weak innovation ability. Many sensors, signal processing and identification systems rely on imports from abroad, and the speed of product improvement and technological innovation in China is slow

2. The R & D and production of sensor process equipment are monopolized by foreign countries, the key technology has not been broken through, and many advanced research results are still in the experimental stage

3. The product structure is single, the industrial structure is unreasonable, the technical indicators are low, and the measurement accuracy, response time, intelligence, reliability and other aspects are weaker than those abroad

4. The competitiveness of enterprises is weak, and foreign-funded enterprises occupy a greater advantage. More than 95% of sensor enterprises are small-scale enterprises with small scale, weak R & D ability and poor economies of scale

first, derive more sophisticated business from a unified customer management platform. CRM can centrally and uniformly manage customer files, and the whole life cycle of customers can be seen at a glance in the CRM system (customer view 360 degrees). Follow up corporate promotional activities, new product releases, value content and blessing care can be pushed in real time through short-term and mass email channels. It can also make accurate potential customer analysis based on the existing customer profile information (source, region, industry, scale, open Internet channels and other information synthesis), so that the market activity planning and advertising can be more accurate. In xtools system, the whole working process of the salesman is recorded in detail, and its content, email and SMS are adjusted if necessary through Jixin; Rong, colleagues in refined sales business, establish a perfect supervision system to track the behavior and business of business personnel, and improve the enterprise service system

secondly, contract order management and purchase, sales and inventory management. Due to the different environment around each enterprise and its recognition level of interconnection, many enterprises still operate in traditional ways, such as manual bookkeeping, manual inventory, fixed customer and distribution channel information management software xtoos can integrate the whole business process into the CRM system, such as contracts, orders, store sales orders, shipping orders, invoices, etc., in order to maximize the real-time transparency of enterprise operation, For example, many enterprises need to purchase raw materials in the market process, have clear specific processes, have high requirements for flow processing, and mass production and sales. Xtools can be used to manage the raw material procurement link, information acquisition in production and manufacturing, product management, warehouse management, inventory inventory check, etc., so as to maximize the real-time, transparent, information-based and intelligent production and manufacturing of enterprises. For example, in terms of intellectualization, the business staff successfully signed a contract with the customer, and the payment collection data is directly synchronized to the financial department for calculation, such as sales commission and salary. After business staff a leaves, the customer under his name can be shared with business staff B with one click. The same is true for other positions and roles. The change of staff does not affect the original operation of the enterprise in any way. Finally, mobile office management. With the development of mobile Internet, it has become a very popular way of working to do business anytime and anywhere. However, with the freedom of field personnel from the company's system, there are also many problems, such as dealing with personal affairs under the excuse of business trip, weak role in business promotion, difficult approval of business trip and its expenses, false reimbursement and so on. Based on this, xtools provides a series of mobile office solutions. For example, LBS based world beating can collect the location and work trajectory of external staff in real time, master its dynamics and whereabouts at any time, and locate its surrounding customers with one click, which greatly improves the efficiency of customer visits and maximizes business value; And it can realize the intelligent approval of process reproduction, and bid farewell to the great inconvenience of traditional cross level approval. In addition, the team for enterprise im said that it allows team members scattered in different regions to communicate and promote projects in real time, which is different from the popular communication software such as he. The team said that it positions enterprise and team communication, and brings teams with weak execution ability such as aimless communication and slow project promotion into an atmosphere with task promotion as the goal. More advanced, the team said that it can intelligently extract people, time The core information, such as events and locations, makes the whole communication in an efficient input state, and the team said that the program of intelligent design is used to analyze and sort out the communication content

Beijing Heguang Weiye

Beijing Heguang oil pressure system is severe. Oil leakage Weiye Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating sensor research and development, production, sales and service. Over the years, we have been committed to providing customers with a series of pressure, force and liquid level. Through the visit to the copper based new material industrial base, we can provide solutions for various sensors such as inclination and displacement, and can be customized according to customers' requirements. The products of the company have a wide range of achievements and good reputation in the fields of aerospace, metallurgy, telecommunications, electric power, medical devices, meteorological equipment, petrochemical industry, environmental protection equipment, food machinery, HVAC and other fields. At present, Heguang Weiye has a pressure sensor production line, a force sensor production line, a magnetostrictive displacement/liquid level sensor production line and a guyed displacement sensor production line. In terms of technology, it attaches great importance to absorbing and welcoming the research and development experience of foreign sensors, and has reached a strategic partnership with Canadian axiomatic company to improve the internationalization and quality of domestic sensors

xtools, a CRM provider of Heguang Weiye, has provided CRM software and services for 3w+ small and medium-sized enterprises in 53 industries. Xtools' goal is to gather the power of new technology, management thinking and interconnection, smoothly transition the daily business of enterprises to interconnection, let small and medium-sized enterprises adapt to some of the most basic thinking of interconnection operation, and finally release their own innovation energy on the extremely rich interconnection platform. Xtools' product line will be expanded. In the near future, many mobile products will be launched, such as "three fixed one", "single high-energy class", "robot small a". Among them, the mobile app team based on enterprise communication said that the number of users in the team has exceeded more than 1000. For more information about xtools and its hexathlon, please visit HT. Its actual stress does not increase with the increase of external load tp://, and you can also easily contact us

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