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2013 logistics transportation packaging design and management advanced training course


China Packaging Education Consulting Center

Beijing putayin Technology Co., Ltd.

[training object]

packaging Design Engineer, product design engineer, process Manufacturing Engineer, packaging or material management director, storage manager, logistics manager, engineering manager, quality manager, etc. In addition to the packaging material terminal, it is also suitable for packaging material suppliers, packaging equipment manufacturers, testing institutions, etc. to participate in meetings and build sales and service platforms

[time and place]

January 17-18 Wuxi March 23-24 Beijing March 30-31 Guangzhou April 11-12 Shanghai

may 25-26 Shenzhen June 06-07 Suzhou June 15-16 Tianjin

<3000 yuan/person (including lectures, materials, refreshments, two-day lunch, meetings, taxes, etc.)

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Liu zhe

[course background and income]

with the development of modern logistics technology and supply chain, modern packaging design technology has broken through the concept of traditional packaging design technology. In addition to protecting products from damage during transportation, it is also closely linked with logistics and supply chain cost management and product design

at the same time, with the rapid growth of export varieties and export volume and the need to export products to developed countries, higher and higher requirements are put forward for product packaging. In addition, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements in China and other countries around the world, packaging is developing in the direction of green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction

are you worried about customer complaints caused by high damage rate of products during transportation? Are you worried about reducing packaging costs? Have you ever been puzzled by the fact that the Chinese and foreign packaging was intact while the product was damaged during transportation

through the training of this course, you can solve these puzzles you encounter in your work or the problems you are currently concerned about

this course closely links the packaging design with the logistics environment, and designs the packaging by analyzing the environment experienced by the product transportation, so as to avoid the product damage caused by insufficient packaging or the increase of packaging cost caused by excessive packaging. This course explains in detail the whole process of packaging design from the customer's product packaging requirements to the product packaging passing the verification. Six steps of packaging design. Test items, methods and standards of packaging design. New packaging design theory and method. It also introduces the performance and cost comparison of some main packaging materials, in order to improve product protection performance, reduce packaging costs, protect the environment, etc. It also introduces the analysis and optimization of packaging cost, case analysis of packaging damage, national industry standards and international regulations of relevant packaging. Some special packaging requirements: such as rust prevention requirements for mechanical parts, ESD and electromagnetic shielding requirements for electronic products, packaging and identification of dangerous goods, etc. It is hoped that the training of this course can be of great help to enterprises in reducing the damage rate of product transportation, reducing packaging costs, and reducing the impact of packaging on the environment. At the same time, improve the product design and packaging design ability of the enterprise, and make the designed packaging scheme meet the national and international requirements

[introduction to tutor]

[Eric Zhang]

6 Sigma Black Belt master, master's degree

Mr. Zhang has nearly 20 years of rich experience in the fields of packaging management, warehousing operation and lean production. During his tenure in a high-performance plastic factory set up in Wuxi, China by LANXESS, one of the world's top 500 companies, he went to the group headquarters and Sweden, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, India and other places to participate in training and technical exchanges in lean production, excellent manufacturing, packaging materials and technology. Participate in the formulation of the global packaging strategy of the head office, have close technical exchanges with the packaging design department of the company's headquarters and major packaging package material suppliers, and jointly carry out the R & D and application of new packaging materials with suppliers. He is the only senior packaging designer in the Asia Pacific Region authorized by the company's headquarters. He has rich knowledge and practical experience in packaging design, new packaging materials and technology application. At the same time, it has in-depth research on warehousing logistics, lean production, industrial engineering, etc

packaging calibration participated in a number of packaging calibration work, such as participating in the wood saving and green packaging seminar in 2008; In 2007, participated in the formulation of the packaging industry standard of the people's Republic of China - assembled plywood box bb/t; In 2005, he participated in the corrugated box industry seminar "national standard of the people's Republic of China - corrugated paper for packaging materials"

qualifications and training characteristics

in recent 20 years, he has worked in the departments of engineering technology, packaging design, quality management, warehousing and material management in foreign-funded enterprises (one domestic funded enterprise, one foreign-funded enterprise that can enhance the design of polymer materials with specific expectations, all of which are oversized enterprises), Have rich knowledge of packaging design and the application of various new packaging materials, as well as rich experience in packaging cost reduction, packaging damage analysis and so on. In the past ten years, Mr. Zhang has initiated and implemented a number of localized packaging improvement, lean production, industrial engineering and storage optimization projects, bringing a total of tens of millions of direct cost savings. As a packaging technical consultant in many famous foreign-funded and state-owned packaging enterprises, he has rich experience in packaging design and scheme evaluation of household appliances, auto parts, aircraft parts, bearings, precision testing equipment, heavy or large equipment. The teaching advocates pragmatism and practical results, flexibly applies various packaging cases to explain knowledge, and imparts abstract knowledge to the trainees in a simple and understandable way. It is a pragmatic training instructor combining typical theory with rich practical experience; The training process mainly takes the course system as the main line, and the whole process of case study, group discussion, packaging design games and work practice simulation are accompanied by consultative training and other forms to guide the participants to participate and pay attention to the sharing of their rich practical improvement cases of enterprises. Because Mr. Zhang has a solid theoretical foundation and rich cross domain management experience, and is good at closely combining the overseas mature management system with the unique environment of Chinese enterprises, his training can enable students to broaden their thinking and learn to apply effective methods to solve practical work problems

service case

how should we choose spik refrigeration, Toshiba transformer company, spree spray (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shengang Construction Co., Ltd., Ricoh office equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Valeo sensor? Auto parts company, Amoi Co., Ltd., Eastcom, Dongfeng Motor, Wanjiale group, Simon electric appliance, shengdesheng electronics, Midea Group, gist pharmaceutical, Beijing airport catering, Beijing Bowei aviation facilities, gates younita, Yongkang pharmaceutical, Panshan Power Generation, Yibin Paper, Bohai Nengke, Zhejiang Mobile, Jingbo agrochemical, Nuokang pharmaceutical, etc., Hantai tire, United Automotive Electronics, Lafarge, Alfa Laval, Suntory Shengdesheng electronics, etc

[Course Outline]

unit 1: overview of transportation packaging

1. Basic functions of packaging

instructions for protection, packaging, handling and handover

2. Packaging type

sales packaging, collective packaging, transportation packaging

3. The position of packaging in the supply chain

the end of the production process and the starting point of the logistics process

4 Challenges faced by logistics transportation packaging in the modern supply chain environment

━ low logistics cost

━ low packaging cost

━ low damage rate

━ low environmental impact

5. Impact of logistics transportation environment on packaging

━ impact, vibration, stacking, temperature, humidity, pressure

6. Reasonable packaging level

━ insufficient packaging, excessive packaging, reasonable packaging

7 Packaging cost composition

━ packaging material cost

━ packaging process cost

━ transportation cost

━ product/packaging damage cost

━ etc,

case analysis: statistical analysis of global transportation damage by the London Insurance Association

unit 2: packaging design process and methods

1. Traditional packaging design methods

rely on past experience in packaging design, which is easy to cause excessive packaging, At the same time, due to insufficient research on the impact of logistics and transportation links in the supply chain and the characteristics of the product itself (such as product brittleness value and product structure, etc.), it will still cause a high product damage rate in the case of excessive packaging. That is, the higher cost packaging scheme did not achieve the expected good packaging protection

2. Packaging design process and methods in the modern supply chain environment

fully study the various influencing factors of logistics and transportation links in the supply chain and the characteristics of the product itself (such as product brittleness value and product structure, etc.), and achieve ideal product protection effects under a reasonable packaging level, so as to reduce the comprehensive cost of packaging and the rate of product damage

━━ detailed description of the impact of logistics transportation environment on packaging

a) handling impact drop

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━a) source of transportation vibration

b) vibration frequency and hazard factors of various transportation vehicles

c) vibration in time domain Response spectrum in frequency domain

4. Case: Tianjin measured truck vibration power spectrum

━ stacking storage

a) stacking load, stacking time, storage temperature and humidity

━ climatic environment

a) temperature, humidity, air pressure, salt fog, etc.

5. Case: temperature and humidity changes experienced in the transportation of goods from China to Germany

━ ━ products Determination Method of brittleness value

6 Case: the brittleness table of various products of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan

━ multiple transportation, deep excavation of small metals, investment opportunities in deep processing sectors, damage to packaging caused by the combined action of transportation environmental factors - --- stacking transportation vibration, the impact of humidity on stacking, etc.

━ ━ records of various hazardous factors experienced by the transportation environment - --- lansmont saver 3x90 environmental recorder

7, logistics packaging scheme design process

━ ━ ━ according to the size of the product Structure, brittleness value and other relevant parameters and packaging requirements, logistics and transportation environment and other information, design the packaging scheme, and manufacture the first packaging material based on it, then carry out packaging test, and appropriately modify and optimize the packaging scheme according to the test results. If necessary, test the package again to ensure the conformity of the packaging scheme to product protection

8. Six step logistics packaging scheme design

━ measure and analyze the environmental factors in the whole process of transportation: transportation mode, temperature and humidity, storage, etc.

━ measure product brittleness: understand the weak parts of product impact resistance and product structure, which is the experimental basis for product design improvement

━ ━ according to the measured product brittleness value and structural characteristics, if the product design is found to be too fragile or too strong, the product needs to be redesigned

━━ select appropriate packaging materials according to the product brittleness value to eliminate damage such as impact and vibration

━━ design packaging scheme and make prototype packaging materials based on comprehensive transportation environment and product brittleness value

━━ test the prototype packaging according to the relevant test requirements, and make modifications to the packaging scheme until the requirements are met

9. Third party logistics packaging services - - cps

━ customers provide products

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