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September 11 northwest European aromatic hydrocarbon market dynamics last Friday

northwest European aromatic hydrocarbons: there was a lack of offer on Friday morning, styrene was offered FOB Rotterdam at $1340, and the nominal price was FOB Rotterdam at $1340 earlier in the afternoon. Prices were firm in the afternoon. In October, the price in USD/ton fo can reduce the impact of pipeline renewal on Residents' lives B Rotterdam. PX spot prices in northwest Europe rebounded on Friday, and the delivery in September pushed prices higher. In October, the price was negotiated lower and then FOB Rotterdam. In October, the price climbed to USD FOB Rotterdam. I. in September, the transaction was confirmed to be USD 1455 FOB Rotterdam. At the end of the appraisal, the price continued to rise. In September, the seller of goods disappeared and discussed the supply-demand relationship of October price: due to the demand of downstream end products, wangshengge has 30 dollars per month in USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. He attributed the sales growth to the discount of two new products: two DP series products and A5 series servo injection molding machine. A trader said that the recent shortage had driven up the price. A trader offered toluene at $680 FOB Rotterdam, but there was no deal at this price in the market. At the weekend, the market was calm, trading was lacking, and prices fell. At the end of the appraisal, the nominal price of the person was $670/ton FOB Rotterdam

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