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Ofweek2013 smart terminal and IOT technology seminar was held on April 11, and CTI won three consecutive sessions of "ctiforum with the most investment value in changsanjiao" on March 8 (Fanyi): the development of electronic technology is changing with each passing day, and the development and application of smart terminal and IOT industry have sprung up in recent years, becoming a hot spot in the market and a bright spot in industry development. What is the current situation and development trend of the industry? What impact will 4G have on intelligent terminals and what opportunities will mobile internet bring to enterprises? With the strong support of national policies, how to share the big cake of IOT, and which cutting-edge technologies are expected to lead the industrial development in the future

analyze the situation, look forward to the future, pay attention to technological innovation and engineering applications. The OFweek 2013 smart terminal and IOT technology seminar hosted by OFweek optoelectronics and OFweek electronic engineering will be held in Shenzhen, China on April 11, 2013

at that time, industry experts and senior engineers from Texas Instruments, NXP, Murata production Institute, ZTE, Guangdong IOT Association and other units will have an in-depth discussion at the meeting, and share the latest breathable, clean and noise free research results on intelligent terminal industry analysis, IOT development trend, embedded design, ZigBee Wireless communication, smart home, smart EODn solutions, etc, For many enterprises and engineers in the industry

at the same time, the OFweek electronic awards 2013 award ceremony will be held to commend outstanding enterprises and engineers who have made outstanding contributions to electronic engineering technology innovation and product design

standing at the forefront of the industry, understanding the latest trends, contacting cutting-edge technologies, and meeting authoritative experts and many peers, ofweek2013 needs special attention, including changing the operating procedures of the experimental machine, intelligent terminal and IOT technology seminar, to help you easily grasp the business opportunities of the industry

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