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Offshore wind power is facing a turning point, with a market of more than 150billion, accelerating scale development

standing at the new starting point of the 13th five year plan, the entire offshore wind power industry is undergoing profound changes: from the "suspension mode" to the "steady development mode". However, in the view of many people in the industry, how to see the undercurrent and avoid it has become a problem that must be paid attention to at present. These are also the development difficulties that must be solved before the outbreak of offshore wind power

the growth space is large, and the upward trend is relatively certain. Wind power generation begins to develop in the East and offshore

China is rich in offshore wind power resources, especially in the eastern coastal area radiated by Shanghai. According to the 13th five year renewable energy plan, offshore wind power will be mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong coastal areas. Public information shows that in 2016, China's offshore wind power installed more than 135 new units, with a new installed capacity of nearly 600000 kW, more than any year during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, with a year-on-year growth of far more than 50%, showing a trend of accelerated development

as the future development direction of China's power generation industry, offshore wind power development areas are mainly concentrated in the economically developed eastern coastal areas. According to the previous economic report, the preliminary results of the detailed survey of wind energy resources of the China Meteorological Administration show that the installed capacity of wind power is about 200million kwh in the offshore area within the water depth line of 5 to 25 meters and within the height range of 50 meters above the sea level. This shows that vigorously developing offshore wind power can not only meet the power demand in the East, but also accelerate the pace of green power generation in China by combining land and sea wind power

with the accumulation of capital, the development of new technologies, the construction of offshore power generation and the continuous reduction of power generation costs, the competitiveness of offshore wind power will continue to strengthen. According to the 13th five year plan for wind power development formulated by the national energy administration, by 2020, the shipment of power batteries will reach the end of 28gwh in 2016, and the cumulative combined installed capacity of wind power will be ensured to reach more than 210 million KW, of which the combined installed capacity of offshore wind power will reach more than 5 million KW. GF Securities said that assuming the cost of 13000-20000 yuan per kilowatt, the space of offshore wind power is about 150billion-200billion yuan

industry analysis generally pointed out that the National Energy Authority's increasing attention to offshore wind power, the continuous improvement of relevant policies and technological progress, the prospect of offshore wind power during the "13th five year plan" period in China is expected. In the 2016 notice on adjusting the electricity price on the benchmark of onshore wind power for photovoltaic power generation, it was clear that the target electricity price on the benchmark of offshore wind power projects was still 0.85 yuan/kwh, and that on the benchmark of intertidal wind power projects was still 0.75 yuan/kwh. Almost everyone believes that the slow development in the past has made full preparations for the great development in the future, and offshore wind power has become the investment outlet of the energy industry

where should investors go under the new wind? At present, China has made breakthroughs in the key technologies of large-capacity wind turbines and has the conditions for industrial development, which also marks that China's offshore wind power is entering a new stage of rapid development of centralized and continuous scale development. The conditions for large-scale application of offshore wind power are beginning to take shape, but there are many aspects that need to be further improved, such as the technology and reliability of offshore units, the design of offshore wind farms, offshore wind power projects, etc. He has twice failed to build islands. Just as there is no long-term operation experience and cost data accumulation of domestic offshore wind power, the operation and maintenance cost only depends on estimation, which is very uncertain

in order to improve the economy of offshore wind power, 95% of the cosmetics packaging materials of 10000 liters at sea are made of acrylic wind power installation ships, which puts forward the requirements of transportation and installation integration. The self lifting and self-propelled offshore wind power installation platform has become the main technical development direction at present. According to a previous report by China Power News, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China will study the key technologies of 8-10 MW offshore wind turbines, establish an intelligent control system and operation management system for large-scale wind farms, reduce the kilowatt hour cost of offshore wind farms, and realize the standardization of installation and intelligent unit operation and maintenance of 5-6 MW large-scale offshore wind turbines

at the same time, when the working water depth is further increased and the pile leg positioning method is difficult to meet the demand, how to realize the dynamic positioning of the ship, improve its motion range in the wind and waves, and accurately control the floating state, so as to complete the docking of the floating foundation, is also an important technical development direction. However, it can be predicted that technological progress and the accumulation of project experience have led to a downward trend in the cost of offshore wind power. Factors such as the quota system of non-aqueous renewable energy, the carbon emission trading mechanism, and the simplification of the sea use approval process have improved the industrial environment of offshore wind power, and China's offshore wind power industry is about to speed up

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