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Marine equipment manufacturing bucks the trend and focuses on China Marine Equipment Exhibition

marine equipment manufacturing bucks the trend and focuses on China Marine Equipment Exhibition

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Guide: 2014 China International Ocean Engineering Technology and equipment exhibition, abbreviated as China Marine International Ocean Engineering Technology amp; equipment exhibition, recently ended in Beijing. This exhibition was organized by China Shipbuilding Engineering Society

2014 China International Ocean Engineering Technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China Maritime International Ocean Engineering Technology Equipment Exhibition") recently ended in Beijing. This exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Shipbuilding Engineering Society, China Classification Society, China Shipowners' Association and Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. the exhibition area is σ The load corresponding to B is the maximum load that the specimen (or workpiece) can bear when the metal is under unidirectional static tension, up to 90000 square meters, attracting 1600 enterprises from more than 60 countries and regions around the world, nearly 50 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and 60000 professional visitors

in the general environment of the continuous downturn of the global shipping industry, the marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry bucked the trend and showed a good momentum of vigorous development. From a global perspective, the development potential of onshore oil has come to an end. Offshore oil has become the main source of future oil increment and is becoming the focus of global oil and gas development. Vigorously developing the marine economy may be one of the important growth points of China's economy in the next stage. Whether from the perspective of national strategy or the direction of current economic development, moving from land to sea is the inevitable law of a country's development to a certain stage

Zhou Shouwei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the former president of China National Offshore Oil Co., Ltd., PetroChina (7.69, -0.04, -0.52%) and the president of the petrochemical equipment industry association, said in an interview at the exhibition site that exhibitors such as CNOOC, China Classification Society, China Shipbuilding (20.40, 0.39, 1.95%), CSIC heavy industries, CIMC raffles, Honghua and some well-known international enterprises have increased their participation. This means that the construction of a maritime power has not only reached a consensus at the central decision-making level in recent years, but also received unprecedented attention in the business community and even globally

the "China Marine Engineering Equipment Exhibition horizontal tensile testing machine administrative means to release the" force of the flood "ordinary protection horizontal tensile testing machine can stop mechanical performance testing and analysis of various metal, non-metal and composite materials", which has attracted many marine engineering and shipbuilding enterprises. Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford are all absent; The owners of international marine engineering ships such as France's bourbon, Norway's ustan and Malaysia's icon offshore responded positively; The "national team" represented by PetroChina, Sinopec [Weibo], CNOOC, China Shipbuilding Industry and China shipbuilding group, the star lineup of private enterprises represented by Zhenhua heavy industry (3.50, 0.02, 0.57%), Yuexin offshore engineering, international well-known enterprises represented by CIMC Raffles and Liaoning land and sea oil equipment all participated in the exhibition. A large number of the best offshore ship manufacturers at home and abroad gathered in the offshore ship exhibition area, Undoubtedly, it has greatly promoted the international exchange of technology and products in this field

China National Shipbuilding Corporation introduced its design and construction achievements to guests from all over the world at the exhibition, and won widespread praise. The exhibition area of CSSC covers an area of 250 square meters, mainly displaying the world's leading marine development equipment, such as China's first sixth generation 3000 meter semi submersible drilling platform "offshore oil 981", 3000 meter deep-water engineering survey vessel "offshore oil 708", 12 cable geophysical exploration vessel "offshore oil 720", and 1500 meter deep-water drilling vessel

going to the deep sea is not only the proper meaning of China's implementation of marine development strategy, but also the inevitable choice to alleviate the pressure of oil and gas resources shortage and ensure energy security. Behind the prosperity of the offshore equipment market is the emergence of a large number of high-value orders. With the increasing attention of countries to continental shelf resources, the offshore equipment manufacturing industry has entered a golden period of development, and the development prospect of offshore oil and gas field exploration and production equipment is very promising. Zhou Shouwei said, "we are very happy to discuss the world energy development trend with our colleagues, look forward to the market prospect of marine equipment, and share the latest global technological achievements at the grand event of the annual steel wire horizontal tensile testing machine, which is mainly suitable for testing the stress-strain and breaking experiments of optical fiber composite extruded ground wire (OPGW) and other products under the rated experimental force or constant load tension."

according to the statistical data of the economic operation analysis of the shipbuilding industry in 2013 released by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association a few days ago, China's marine industry market maintained stable growth in 2013, with more than US $18billion in various marine engineering orders, accounting for 29.5% of the world market share, an increase of 16 percentage points over 2012, surpassing Singapore and ranking second in the world

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