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It is officially confirmed that the prototype of China's major unmanned attack aircraft is about to fly for the first time. The blue sky is like paper, and Changhong is practicing. It is painted with the vivid freehand brushwork of Huang Changqiang's team's continuous overcoming difficulties and rapid growth

in 2003, the core technical problems of the development of a certain type of training bomb were successfully solved, and the comprehensive localization of Advanced Fighter Training bomb was realized

in 2009, it successfully invented the intelligent control system of armed helicopter weapons, innovating the core control technology of rocket weapons that has been used in China for more than 50 years


not inventors. Their families are only young once in their lives, but they often open up scientific research Highlands in the technical blind spot; Not the flying army, but they ran at rocket speed. From the initial stage of team formation, there was no scientific research project and no scientific research funds to the now famous "ordnance 120 taking Hengyu instrument electronic tensile testing machine as an example", which broke through tens of millions of scientific research funds every year. In a short period of more than ten years, they trampled on difficulties and left fatigue behind. Taking cutting-edge technology as the strategic fulcrum, they came up with a construction idea of "promoting teaching with scientific research and assisting scientific research with teaching". Countless new technologies and achievements were born in their hands. The mythical speed of scientific research has proved to the world their determination and strength to overcome difficulties

the need for the transformation and construction of the air force calls on Huang Changqiang's team to take advantage of the momentum, and more complex and unfamiliar scientific research projects test their climbing speed

nowadays, the world's aviation equipment is developing towards the trend of unmanned, stealth, intelligence and accuracy. The U.S. military has put unmanned combat aircraft into use in the battlefield, and many countries also take unmanned combat aircraft as the focus of future equipment development. "The future air and space battlefield cannot be dominated by foreign drones!" The special acumen of military scientific researchers made Professor Huang Changqiang and his team turn their attention to the combination of UAV platform and weapon system, and strive to seize the highland of UAV field in the new "airspace" of multidisciplinary cross cooperation

dare to fight in new fields and do not fight unprepared battles. Huang Changqiang's team collected information in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles through various channels, analyzed and studied the cutting-edge technologies of developed countries in the world, closely communicated with relevant domestic industries, and constantly exchanged scientific research trends

the scientific research team inherits the predecessors, draws lessons from others, makes use of years of scientific research practical experience, gives play to the team spirit of unity, cooperation and selfless dedication, and transforms experience and technology into the advantage of improving their own ability

thick accumulation makes thick hair. Once the project starts, the usual accumulation turns into fiery magma gushing out. In just a few years, the speed of Huang Changqiang's team has focused again, and a number of application achievements have emerged one after another:

a special performance UAV with independent intellectual property rights has been newly released, and UAVs with automatic tracking and reconnaissance functions have also emerged. The prototype that verifies the key technologies of unmanned combat is about to make its maiden flight...

the discipline of "unmanned aerial vehicle combat system and technology" founded, The first master's and doctor's degree program of unmanned aerial vehicle combat system and technology in China has been established

the theoretical system of unmanned intelligent attack system and combat simulation laboratory have been established successively, and the monograph "precision strike technology of unmanned combat aircraft" has been officially published...

the eagle flies high, and the sword ordinary high and low temperature test box 1 generally refers to the constant high and low temperature test box refers to the blue sky. From the establishment of the UAV R & D project to the first taste of the fruits of the war, and now the great situation of letting a hundred flowers bloom, Huang Changqiang and his team have played a major role in ensuring the development and equipment process of major models of the air force, and once again written brilliant achievements. In the dawn of the new military reform, everyone will analyze and evaluate the fairness of the data. Professor Huang Changqiang led his team to climb higher and farther in new fields

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