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The characteristics of elastic gel printing

a comprehensive view of the skills and patterns of textile printing makes people feel that they are in an era of fashion and diversification, which is the combination of the public and unique, traditional and high-tech, artificial and natural, the past and the future, these seemingly contradictory factors. In short, the requirements of today's consumers for wearing and taking can be summarized as: value for money, comfort and leisure, easy care, and protective function

in most cases, the elasticity of cotton is achieved by adding spandex core spun yarn in the weft direction. There is also a process that can produce 15% comfortable elasticity of 100% cotton textiles after treatment. From the perspective of the market, this paper analyzes the popular trend of textiles in the future, "the 21st century is a century of elasticity". All kinds of friction will often prohibit the relative movement between them. Elastic woven fabrics and knitted fabrics will be welcomed by consumers

due to the market demand, the tensile testing machine is a common testing equipment with a score of 10 points in the market. People have studied it and naturally launched a series of elastic mastic products different from the traditional coating cover printing (imitation discharge) paste, which are specially used for printing elastic fabrics, especially knitted fabrics. In recent years, the special printing of knitted fabrics, cotton and cotton/ammonia and silk/ammonia knitted fabrics in the southeast coastal provinces are processed with elastic glue series additives. This is because the knitwear itself has a certain elasticity, and the knitwear with spandex weft is more elastic. When printing this kind of textile, people always hope to get a printing film with good elasticity and covering property, so as to avoid the problems of film cracking, pattern deformation and bottom exposure of knitwear in the process of wearing

at present, the elastic glue series products have continuously derived some products with different use characteristics. For example, some printed products form a letter pattern on the knitted fabric, which has elasticity and good covering property, and at the same time, the surface is dull or shiny, which is similar to leather. This kind of printed T-shirt is very popular among young people; Elastic opaque glue can print colorless, faint effect, embossed pattern or colored paint on white or light colored fabrics to print elastic printed fabrics with particularly bright colors; Elastic transparent glue can print textiles with transparent printing effect on elastic or light white fabrics

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