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Offshore wind farms are expected to become a breakthrough in recovery

not long ago, a document from the national energy administration, "notice on doing a good job in wind power and consumption related work in 2013", once again opened an old scar that makes China's wind power industry dull and painful

According to the data published in the notice, China's wind power abandonment in 2012 was about 20billion kwh, a significant increase from 10billion kwh in 2011; The average utilization hours of wind power continued to fall from the lowest 1600 hours/year in 2011 to the lowest 1400 hours/year in 2012. The direct and indirect economic losses caused by wind abandonment have overwhelmed the vast majority of Chinese wind power enterprises

wind abandonment is a phenomenon of wind turbine power generation suspension caused by insufficient power acceptance capacity, mismatched construction period of wind farm and instability of wind power itself. At present, the average utilization hours of 1400 hours/year is the critical point of the profit and loss of the power station. As of press time, of the 15 A-share wind power listed companies that have announced the 2012 annual performance forecast, only 5 have achieved year-on-year growth in net profit, and the rest have decreased or lost money

at present, how to develop the wind power industry has become a difficult problem to be solved in front of wind power enterprises and industry managers

innovation dominates ups and downs

at the beginning of the year, Sinovel wind power, a leading wind power enterprise, issued a performance forecast, saying that there would be a loss in its annual operating performance in 2012, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was expected to decrease by 490 million yuan (preliminary calculation results)

as the first wind power enterprise in China to introduce international megawatt wind turbine technology and develop 1.5MW series wind turbines, Sinovel wind power has been established for less than 5 years, which is convenient for its successful landing in the A-share market in 2011, and its development speed is amazing

the miracle of listing is attributed to the leading position of the company in accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology in China and in the research and development of wind power technology in China. In 2008, Sinovel wind power launched the first 3MW wind turbine with independent intellectual property rights in China; In the same year, Sinovel wind power provided 34 sets of 3MW offshore wind turbines for the 102mw offshore wind farm project of Shanghai Donghai Bridge, China's first offshore wind farm demonstration project and the world's first offshore wind farm outside Europe. The technological advantages depict an infinite and beautiful future for the company

since then, Sinovel wind power, which is in the limelight, has easily won the favor of the capital market. In January, 2011, the company was successfully listed with an amazing price earnings ratio of 48.83 times and an issue price of 90 yuan/share, and the actual capital raised was more than 9 billion yuan

faced with a good situation, Sinovel wind power naturally chose to expand the staff size and base construction, so that when the inflection point of the wind power industry came in 2011, the company still continued the business model that was once accused of being radical and risky. Under the leadership of hanjunliang, the founder, former chairman and President of the company, Sinovel wind power has made great investments in offshore wind power and overseas markets

when things reach extremes, they will reverse. In the process of the market from prosperity to decline, the productivity advantage that once made Sinovel wind power proud finally detonated the high inventory and high accounts payable risk behind it. Data show that as of September 30, 2012, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology found that Sinovel's inventory had reached 8.5 billion yuan

blindly expanding production is certainly one of the reasons for Sinovel's losses today, but abandoning the wind is also another important factor causing the decline of the company's performance. Hu Weixiang, chief strategist of Sinovel wind power, said that the abandonment of wind power has led to a sharp reduction in the profitability of the wind farm, and the pace of new capital investment has also slowed down (the wind farm is not profitable, and the banking industry will not give loans), and the transmission to Sinovel will directly affect the execution of orders

Sinovel wind power once said through performance forecast analysis that macroeconomic fluctuations, industrial and industrial policy adjustments affect the execution of orders in hand, and customers' delayed payment are the main reasons for the company's annual loss in 2012

the prospect of offshore wind power is bright

how much is the loss caused by wind abandonment? An industry expert once estimated that the current coal consumption of thermal power in China is 226 grams/kWh. In 2012, the consumption of standard coal for 20billion kwh wind abandonment exceeded 6.78 million tons, which caused economic losses of more than 10billion yuan to wind farms

recently, the national energy administration has issued a series of policies against wind abandonment. In the latest "notice on doing a good job in wind power and consumption related work in 2013", the national energy administration clearly proposed that for Yunnan, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Shanxi, the state power and southern power should study and formulate wind power consumption plans. Subsequently, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on doing a good job in clean wind power heating, which pointed out that new buildings are encouraged to give priority to the use of clean wind power heating technology, support the use of clean wind power heating technology to replace the existing coal-fired boilers for heating, and strive to use 2 to 3 years to significantly improve the problem of wind power abandonment and power limitation

in Hu Wei's view, the management has made great efforts to solve the problem of wind abandonment, and the promotion of wind power heating technology will become an effective measure to reverse this situation. We may also experience a period of coordination of the interests of heating pipe, thermal power and wind power as the helm of the new era. Since then, heating will make a great contribution to wind power consumption. Hu Wei said

in recent years, China's wind power industry has developed rapidly. According to the statistics of the world wind energy association, in 2012, China added 13200mw of wind turbine assembly capacity (including 127mw of offshore wind power installation capacity), and the cumulative wind turbine assembly capacity was 75564mw, ranking first in the world, followed by the United States. Today, wind power has shown a new face full of vitality and imagination to people, surpassing nuclear power and becoming the third major power source in China after coal power and hydropower. Regardless of scale, Hu Wei said that at present, China's wind power technology has basically kept pace with the EU in terms of large-scale and technical details

in addition, Hu Wei also believes that offshore wind power will become a major opportunity for the recovery of the industry. Offshore wind farms are all built in coastal areas, which are mostly economically developed areas in China. The power consumption is large, and the power construction is strong enough, so it is not a problem. Hu Wei said that if relevant policies can keep up, the development prospect of offshore wind power is very broad, and it is expected to lead the recovery of the industry in the future

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