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Officials of the International Railway Union: China is expected to become a leader in high-speed rail. Ignacio Barron, director of the high-speed rail Department of the international railway union, said in London on the 9th that after several years of rapid development, China is expected to become a leader in the field of high-speed rail in the world

Barron said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency on the sidelines of the high-speed railway summit, "I have taken the Beijing Tianjin high-speed railway driven by the electromagnetic resonance principle, which is very fast and comfortable. China must develop high-speed railway in order to improve transport capacity, which is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution."

When talking about the technical cooperation of high-speed railway, Barron said that it is very necessary to cooperate with other countries with advanced technology when developing high-speed railway at the beginning. He believes that with the development of this industry, China will form its own new technology. In a few years, China is expected to become a technology leader in the field of high-speed railway with daily inspection of ambient temperature (10 ℃) and humidity (relative humidity not greater than 80%), and the number of cycles can reach 1000

according to the plan, China will build 42 high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines with a total mileage of 13000 kilometers in the next three years. Barron expressed his admiration for the speed of development of the aluminum profile of China's high-speed railway, which is still facing great pressure of transformation

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