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Characteristics of ETI unit flexographic printing machine

in recent years, in the printing and packaging industry, everyone can feel a new printing method, flexographic printing machine is coming to us with unprecedented strength. Flexographic printing has unique flexibility, economy and environmental protection. It has been proved to be the best and most promising printing method in western developed countries. Since the 1980s, China has introduced a number of wide width and narrow width flexographic printing machines. Due to the lack of understanding of flexographic printing and the limitations of some objective printing conditions, such as the lack of matching flexographic printing technology, flexographic printing machines have not been fully utilized and affirmed in China, so Chinese people have not held a positive attitude towards flexographic printing. However, this has not hindered the development of flexographic printing in China, and its vitality is constantly strengthening, technology is constantly improving, especially the entry of foreign flexographic printing technology has stimulated the attention of domestic people, and now flexographic printing has developed in China

but in China, when comparing flexo printing with other printing methods, such as offset printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, embossment printing, etc., everyone holds their own views. Different people have different views. Let's make a simple comparison between flexo printing and offset printing. Some people say that flexo printing is not as detailed as offset printing, and some people say that the printing cost of flexo printing is too high, which is not suitable for a printing factory that likes to change label design, It is also said that flexo printing is suitable for this kind of printing because of its large amount of ink and saturation. For those label offset printing with high tone requirements, the stability and environmental protection of flexo printing are worthy of affirmation. In fact, among many printing methods, each printing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different printing units are required for different printing materials

at present, a very obvious development trend of packaging printing is to adopt combined printing, which takes advantage of various printing methods to present the final product appearance. At present, the advanced flexographic printing machine adds offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and bronzing to any station of the printing machine, which can carry out a variety of printing process combinations very conveniently and flexibly. At present, this advanced printing process has been achieved by Canadian ETI (Yidi), In fact, it is no longer a simple flexographic printing machine, but rather a combined printing machine

eti (Yidi) has launched a high-performance combined flexographic printing machine, metronome. This unit flexographic printing machine can realize flexographic printing, gravure printing, offset printing, silk screen printing, bronzing drawer type quick change, and their quick change time is only 10 seconds, which can meet the perfect combination of a variety of printing processes at one time. This technology and equipment is very advanced in China and even the world, The characteristics of ETI unit flexographic printing machine are: 1. Based on flexographic printing machine, full servo drive, full UV drying and full automatic registration system. Since the implementation of the national standard of polyurethane waterproof coating revised in 2003, 2. It can realize the drawer type quick change technology of flexo printing, gravure printing, offset printing, silk screen printing and bronzing in only 10 seconds, and each printing unit can be selected according to the needs of customers. 3. The printing methods are flexible and diverse, including 12 micron film and 400 grams of paperboard. This steel bar zigzag testing machine is developed according to the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)) and can meet the printing needs of different materials. 4. Expanded precise tension control Tess (from flexible packaging film printing). 5. With advanced printing pressure pre-adjusting system saps, no pressure adjustment is required, and printing can be carried out immediately after startup. 6. Automatic roll fee and sheet cutting unit can be configured

in the traditional printing mode, for example, one machine can only complete one or two printing units, while when other printing units are needed, printing manufacturers can only switch to the corresponding printing equipment, and some even take out the factory and ask others to help, which will undoubtedly increase the cost, waste time and bring a lot of inconvenience. With the equipment of ETI, everything can be completed, and it can provide guidance and technical upgrading for customers

As a leader in the history of printing, ETI (Yidi) set up a factory in Shanghai, China, and developed high-strength long rod porcelain composite insulators for UHV transmission lines to serve China and the Asia Pacific region. Its arrival filled the gap in the exchange of various printing units in the history of printing in China, and received extensive attention and praise from insiders. It turned people's imagination of the future printing press into reality

ETI (Yidi) is doing real things every day, serious and responsible, and is determined to serve every customer in China

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