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A new study points out that if humans are willing to use turbines to cover large areas of the sea to collect offshore wind energy, the offshore wind power generated in the North Atlantic in winter will be enough to provide sufficient power for the world - of course, this is purely theoretical calculation. In fact, it is a headache to try to install and maintain those turbines in extreme marine environments. What the researchers want to express is that the floating wind farm in the ocean environment brings 3 times more power than the onshore wind farm. Experts predict that the company is expected to enter the railway supporting suppliers, which may become the next important milestone in the lock-in of wind energy technology

earlier, studies showed that onshore wind farms can only provide 1.5W power per square meter, rather than the previously estimated 7W. Now, researchers from the Carnegie Institution of Sciences published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences predict that if offshore wind farms are built in the North Atlantic, the annual power generation may reach more than 6W per square meter, which is more than three times higher than the land, because the sea surface is much flatter than the land, No skyscrapers or giant statues interfere with the flow of the wind. In addition, land turbines can only harvest kinetic energy from the lowest layer of the atmosphere, but the ocean atmospheric circulation model allows offshore turbines to use the whole troposphere. What are the functional characteristics and precautions of the wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine? 1. The functional characteristics of the wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine and the measurement and control system are the kinetic energy of the fine measurement and control system with advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement and full digital closed-loop control

the report also points out that the wind speed at sea in the North Atlantic is more than 70% higher than that on land, which is always beyond the reach of land. Because land turbines are limited by the influence of land and man-made facilities, resulting in wind shadow, and each individual wind turbine will reduce the collection of other turbines while extracting wind energy. Kenneth, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Sciences ˙ Kenneth caldei (corrosion by glacial acetic acid, vegetable oil, etc. will produce stress cracking RA) explained: "whenever the wind blows through the first row of turbines, only a quarter of the energy left in the second row of turbines can be captured."

from the annual average, wind power in the North Atlantic is enough to provide power for the world. Researchers calculated that if a commercial offshore wind farm (larger than Greenland) can be built in the North Atlantic by expanding about 3million square kilometers, it can meet the current global energy demand of 18tw

of course, the research is just a theory, because the North Atlantic ocean wind is not so strong in summer, at this time, the wind farm can not even provide enough power for the whole Europe, and the huge scale of wind energy capture technology does not exist yet, let alone transport these power to the shore

at present, the number of wind turbines installed on land is increasing year by year, and the number of wind turbines installed in coastal areas is also growing. However, there are not many deep-sea open wind turbines. This technology requires floating turbines floating on the water, very large floating structures, and cables that anchor the entire turbine to the seabed. Kenneth ˙ Caldera said that today's research will not bring economies of scale, but once you start thinking, you can stimulate the industry

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