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Guangzhou offline home shopping mall collective cold pair "double cold rolled strip billet is produced by ingot hot rolling method 11"

Guangzhou offline home shopping mall collective cold pair "double 11"

November 10, 2015

[China paint information] before the "double 11", major e-commerce platforms have long been in flames. However, compared with the fierce "mutual tearing" of online platforms, offline home shopping malls are thought to have a cold response in the industry. It was learned from the major home furnishing stores in Guangzhou that in the face of the upcoming "double 11", Guangzhou mainstream home furnishing stores did not take advantage of marketing and stood up to fight, but collectively chose the cold pair

"double 11" is coming. Compared with the hot promotion of e-commerce platforms, offline home stores treat "double 11" coldly. Up to now, the word "double 11" promotion has not been seen in offline mainstream home stores such as Jisheng Weibang, Baishi home, mangrove bay, etc., but sporadic "double 11" promotion posters can be seen in individual franchise stores with flagship brands. The relevant principals of Guangzhou mainstream home shopping malls such as Xiangjiang home furnishing Co., Ltd. and Eurasia wood fiber home furnishing Co., Ltd. made it clear that there would be no promotional activities specifically aimed at "double 11"

why is the response of offline stores so cold in the face of the annual shopping Carnival of "double 11"? In this regard, the heads of several stores in Guangzhou gave relatively consistent explanations. First of all, the "double 11" is an online shopping festival. During this period, everyone pays attention to online promotional activities. Offline "double 11" promotions are often laborious and thankless. Secondly, this year's "double 11" coincides with Wednesday. According to offline home consumption habits, doing large-scale promotional activities in non Saturday and Sunday time is tantamount to asking for no fun, and no matter how many advertisements are smashed, they can't attract many people. Thirdly, due to the strong professionalism of home consumption, online and offline production has been continuously consolidated and improved. The leading products in relevant fields are not very comparable in price, and up to now, online home consumption has not put significant pressure on offline stores. In addition, as the promotion of offline home stores has been normalized, major stores almost have large promotions every month and small promotions every week. Offline "double 11" promotion, whether for businesses or consumers, is difficult to arouse enthusiasm for participation

however, although they did not participate in the "double 11", on the 7th and 8th, many home shopping malls, including beautiful home and mangrove bay, will launch two-day promotional activities. In addition, the new opening of Xiangjiang home furnishing Tianhe store will continue the promotional policies of many counters until the end of November. Therefore, Yangcheng citizens who plan to decorate or buy furniture in the near future believe that they can also find many affordable products

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