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The marine engineering equipment industry is competing for the best in spring and still looking forward to the policy wind

the shipbuilding industry is one of the industries with the highest degree of marketization and internationalization in China's equipment manufacturing field. Affected by the global economic crisis, the international shipbuilding market has entered a severe winter, and the recession is likely to last for a year or more, and has begun to affect the domestic shipbuilding industry. With the help of Offshore Engineering (hereinafter referred to as offshore engineering) to get out of the current dilemma, it has become the consensus of large domestic shipbuilding enterprises. Coupled with the 200billion offshore development plan recently launched by CNOOC, the prosperity of offshore equipment manufacturing industry will soon come

however, in view of the fierce competition among the established offshore equipment manufacturing enterprises in South Korea and Singapore, it is impossible for domestic enterprises to leave strong industrial policies if they want to become bigger and stronger

winter and spring

"at present, the international shipping market has collapsed, and the monthly new ship orders in the shipbuilding market have shrunk to less than 1million deadweight tons, the lowest in 10 years", said Bao Zhangjing, chief researcher of the China Shipbuilding Engineering Machinery Economic Research center. "Shipowners and shipyards are watching, and panic is still spreading, so they can't place orders or adjust their business strategies." Affected by the recession of the shipping market, the world shipbuilding industry will enter a new downward cycle of several years

however, there is spring under the severe winter

stimulated by high oil prices, oil companies from all over the world have entered the ocean one after another. Although the international oil price has fallen sharply recently, the global trend of entering the era of high oil prices will not change fundamentally in the future. The long-term development of the engineering equipment market in industries such as research institutes, colleges and universities, metallurgical steel manufacturing, ship construction and so on is still favored by the industry. At present, the competition among oil companies tends to be intense in Brazil, the Arctic Ocean, West Africa and the South China Sea. The upsurge of offshore oil and gas development has stimulated the prosperity of the marine equipment Market: on the one hand, the utilization rate of global marine equipment represented by drilling platforms is as high as 90.5%; On the other hand, the global market scale of offshore equipment, including oil and gas drilling and production platforms, storage facilities and engineering ships, has exceeded 300billion US dollars in 2007

the unit price of offshore equipment is often hundreds of millions of dollars, which has stimulated the nerves of many manufacturing enterprises. Relying on long-term solid investment, Korean enterprises are at the forefront of the industry. It is reported that Samsung Heavy Industries' orders for offshore equipment reached US $5.4 billion in the first July of 2008, and the cost of an oil and gas exploration and drilling ship ordered by Sweden even reached a staggering US $942 million

in the hundreds of billions of dollars marine engineering equipment market, Chinese elements occupy a very important position. China's offshore oil resources are about 24 billion tons and 14 trillion cubic meters of natural gas resources. In recent years, explorers have found oil and gas resources with a total resource of 32 to 43 billion tons in the Nansha sea area. The South China Sea, which is rich in oil and gas resources, is known as the "second Persian Gulf"

CNOOC recently announced that it would invest 200billion yuan in 20 years to build an annual production capacity of 50million tons of oil equivalent in the deep water area of the South China Sea by 2020. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, CNOOC will have 50 oil and gas fields completed and put into operation. In terms of equipment demand, CNOOC's demand for marine engineering equipment will reach 100billion yuan

in order to survive the depression of shipbuilding industry and share the attractive marine equipment market, domestic and foreign marine equipment manufacturing enterprises have taken action to join the fierce competition

many heroes compete for the best

marine engineering equipment manufacturing has the characteristics of high technology, high investment and high risk. Aside from high technology, the cost of marine engineering equipment is relatively high, some even more than hundreds of millions of dollars. Even some offshore engineering auxiliary ships are much higher than the traditional ships of the same type. Construction enterprises must have strong capital allocation and financing capabilities. At the same time, they must overcome the problems of high system integration, complex processes and difficult construction progress control. These three "heights" make marine engineering equipment "hot potato" rather than "delicious cake" for a considerable number of manufacturing enterprises

therefore, large enterprises naturally become the absolute protagonists in the marine engineering equipment market

in China, China shipbuilding industry group and China shipbuilding industry group, two central enterprises, rely on the relative error of technical results, personnel and capital strength, occupy most of the market share, and are the main force of China's offshore equipment manufacturing enterprises. The manufacturing bases of Shanghai Waigaoqiao, Qingdao Haixiwan and Dalian heavy industry under the two groups have undertaken the construction of high-end products represented by 100000 ton FPSO and 3000 meter deep semi submersible drilling platforms, representing the highest level of China's offshore equipment manufacturing

in addition, Zhenhua Port machinery, the giant of the world's port machinery industry, has long identified offshore engineering as the future strategic pillar industry, striving to make it occupy half of the company's total output value of more than 30 billion yuan within the year. The 7500 ton full rotation floating crane "blue whale" independently developed by Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. has created the world's largest tonnage of floating crane. In FPSO and offshore wind power equipment and other fields, Zhenhua Port machinery is also striving for market share

in addition to state-owned enterprises such as China shipbuilding industry, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and Zhenhua Port machinery, private manufacturing enterprises represented by Jiangsu Rongsheng heavy industry are also an important force in the domestic marine engineering equipment market. They have flexible operations and diverse products, and mainly occupy most of the market share in the fields of Engineering machinery auxiliary ships

ambitious domestic enterprises are facing more ambitious foreign counterparts

after nearly 10 years of continuous accumulation, the troika of Samsung heavy industry, Daewoo shipbuilding ocean and Hyundai Heavy Industry in South Korea has swept the world's marine equipment market with the three high policies of high technology, high quality and high added value, and established South Korea's position as the world's first marine equipment manufacturing power

like South Korea, Singapore, another leader in the world's offshore equipment manufacturing, also has excellent performance. Singapore Keppel and SembCorp maritime are also well-known in the construction of offshore engineering equipment, and their technical force is very strong. Enterprises have undergone earth shaking changes, and their market share in jack up drilling platforms, semi submersible drilling platforms and modified FPSO is quite high

in this market with a small number of supply and demand sides, the key to competition is technology and quality

"many of the drilling platforms we can produce at present are quoted from foreign patents, lacking independent innovation... We must take the road of independent research and development, design and construction in the future." Bao Zhang Jing said to him

the position of supporting equipment in the whole marine engineering equipment is much higher than that of the hull. For example, the hull cost of an FPSO costing hundreds of millions of dollars accounts for less than 20% of the total cost, and most of the rest is occupied by supporting equipment. If China's marine engineering supporting industry cannot achieve the synchronous development with the marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry, Chinese enterprises will be firmly nailed to the low end of the marine engineering industry chain, which is the biggest hidden danger for Chinese enterprises to enter the marine engineering market

recently, due to the equipment out of date, the construction of two multi-functional operation platforms ordered by China National Offshore Oil Corporation in China Merchants heavy industry group was postponed; The supply of equipment such as high tension winches, propellers and propellers for offshore auxiliary ships built by French Bourbon group in Chinese shipbuilding enterprises is also insufficient

these two examples illustrate that domestic enterprises still have a lot of homework to do in order to expand the offshore market. At the time of the great development of the marine engineering market, it is urgent to improve core technological capabilities, and Chinese enterprises must race against time

policy promotion is crucial

the cost gap of marine equipment is large, mainly due to the technical gap. Although it is not as good as the shipbuilding industry, the competition among marine equipment manufacturing enterprises is very fierce internationally. It is difficult for Chinese enterprises to gain competitive advantage by relying solely on market means

therefore, it is absolutely necessary to extend the relevant policies applicable to the shipbuilding industry to the field of marine engineering, increase the national support for the manufacturing of marine engineering equipment, and give sufficient support to domestic enterprises in terms of technology research and development, finance, loans and procurement. In this way, it can not only improve the capacity of domestic offshore equipment manufacturing enterprises, but also facilitate the long-term cooperation and common improvement between the upstream and downstream industries

in 2010, the total capacity of Chinese shipbuilding enterprises will exceed 70million deadweight tons. With the slowdown or even reduction of the growth rate of ship orders and the increase of the demand for marine engineering equipment, it is imperative to release these capacity to the overseas market. If we do not take advantage of the economic crisis to adjust the industrial structure and effectively improve the independent research and development capacity of Chinese enterprises in offshore equipment manufacturing, the excess capacity is likely to become a heavy burden, affecting the healthy development of the entire shipbuilding and offshore engineering industry

industrial protection and Cultivation in the stage without competitive advantage is the only way for the instruments developed in every developed country in the world to automatically enter the experimental procedure. As long as they are implemented effectively, China's offshore equipment manufacturing industry can rise

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