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Official new energy vehicles are difficult to change, local protection, national six difficult traffic jam enterprises cheat and compensate

an unnamed automobile enterprise personage even mentioned that at present, many new energy vehicles produced by automobile enterprises are fraudulent, which clearly can fully meet the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007, and the temperature control indicators clearly do not meet the national subsidy standard, but get subsidies through the automobile enterprises marking the mileage by themselves. In July this year, the number of participants in Shanghai licensing hit a new high, and the winning rate fell to a record low of 5.4%. At the same time, at the end of 2012, Shanghai took out the first 20000 new energy vehicle free licenses, but only more than 2000 were applied for

the same situation also occurs in Beijing, where purchase restrictions are imposed. Since Beijing officially opened the lottery of new energy vehicles, the success index of lottery has reached 6000, but the actual number of new energy passenger cars licensed through lottery configuration is 320. In the latest index application, citizens' applications for new energy vehicles have decreased by 30% compared with the previous period

what is the reason why consumers are deterred from new energy vehicles? High car prices, short mileage, imperfect charging facilities and few optional models have all become reasons for consumers not to buy new energy vehicles

because of these problems, since July, the state has issued three favorable policies to accelerate the commercialization of new energy vehicles. Among them, the guiding opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) issued by the State Council for the third time is to provide six good solutions to multiple problems, such as difficult charging, expensive car purchase, local protection, and unclear enterprise profit model

a number of people from new energy vehicle manufacturers and industry experts told that the national six articles in the opinions are more detailed than the previous policies, but the key lies in the implementation of the policies as soon as possible

the relevant person in charge of BYD automobile even said that if the detailed rules mentioned in the opinions could be implemented a few years earlier, we would not be so far behind foreign countries in terms of market scale and technology of new energy vehicles as we are now

an unnamed automobile enterprise personage even mentioned that at present, many new energy vehicles produced by automobile enterprises are fraudulent, which obviously cannot meet the national subsidy standard, but they get subsidies through the vehicle enterprises marking the mileage. At present, there is no unified testing department at the national level to identify Xinneng. 4. There are overload, over displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection and other measures in the software part; The source vehicle is also a non continuous multi air material mileage, and the state must establish a third-party relevant testing organization as soon as possible

automobile analyst Zhang Zhiyong believes that the solution to the current difficult problems encountered by new energy vehicles can be achieved through three ways: unified central level financial subsidies, battery rental mode, and the establishment of after-sales standards for new energy vehicles

the subsidy method needs to be changed

the opinions clearly stated that local protection should be resolutely abolished, standards and catalogues should be unified, and all regions should strictly implement the national unified national and industrial standards for new energy vehicles and charging facilities, with an increase of no more than 1% over the same period in 2012 We have to formulate and issue local standards for new energy vehicles and charging facilities. All regions shall implement the national unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, and shall not take illegal measures such as formulating local promotion catalogue, repeatedly testing and inspecting new energy vehicles, requiring automobile production enterprises to set up factories locally, and requiring vehicle enterprises to purchase locally produced batteries and other parts, so as to prevent new energy vehicles produced elsewhere from entering the local market, And restrict or disguised restrict consumers from purchasing new energy vehicles in other places or in a certain category

the person in charge of a new energy vehicle production enterprise told that the passenger electric vehicles and commercial electric vehicles previously produced by the enterprise must be built locally according to the requirements of the local government if they want to enter the official procurement and taxi procurement system of some cities. As a result, the cost is high and the reconstruction is serious. The opinions lifted the worries of the enterprise

can the regulations made in the opinions completely break the local protection? The relevant person in charge of BYD automobile believes that in the future, there is still a lot of room for local governments to operate in the purchase of new energy vehicles by government agencies and public institutions, because the current policy has not set good standards for the cost performance, performance, endurance mileage, battery environmental protection, etc. of the purchased new energy vehicles, and the demonstration effect of official vehicles cannot be underestimated. If all the new energy vehicles purchased by local governments are locally produced, It will definitely influence private consumers

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