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After a winter's silence, the decoration market began to be active, and various promotional activities are one after another. In recent days, reporters have seen in major hotels in Changchun that many decoration companies are using weekends to hold various lectures or new product promotion meetings to attract consumers to sign decoration contracts on site. At the same time, the promotional activities of major home shopping malls have also started in advance. "Are you the owner of XX community? Your community is turnkey, and we can provide you with the latest decoration plan. If we can, we can also make your room into a model room..."

recently, Ms. Yang, a citizen who lives in huatengyuan community, often receives such calls or similar messages. Just after the Spring Festival, many businesses began to shout hard. Compared with the decoration peak season in April and may in previous years, this year's peak season seems to come earlier

whether it's large items such as flooring, ceramics, furniture, bathroom, wooden doors, or small items such as hardware, almost every business has preferential activities to meet the peak decoration season in advance

the reporter met Mr. Cao, who was shopping for floors in a large home furnishing market on Qianjin Street. He said, "when decorating in spring, especially when the peak season in April and may comes, workers will be nervous, so I will make preparations as soon as the first month comes out. Staggering decoration can save a lot of trouble."

the reporter learned from some large decoration companies that the decoration business after the Spring Festival this year has increased significantly compared with previous years. Many owners came to consult, and some placed orders on the spot. A business manager of the company told the reporter, "the previous peak decoration season will appear in April and may. This year, the peak decoration season is ahead of schedule, mainly because the property market was hot last year, and the heat is still not reduced."





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