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The hotel has become the best place for us to entertain our guests, which, to a certain extent, reduces the fatigue of hosting a banquet in our home. Speaking of this, we have to mention the hotel dining tables and chairs. What are the sizes of the hotel dining tables and chairs? We seldom touch each other at ordinary times. Today, let's take a look through the following related content introduction

which kind of hotel dining tables and chairs is better

1 Round table

in the hotel space design, in the small and medium-sized box space, it is often necessary to customize the size of the round table, such as the round table with a diameter of 1.14M, and the dining chair can place seven or eight stools, which makes the space look very spacious. However, if you choose a round table with a diameter higher than 900mm, due to space reasons, it is recommended to use a folding plastic stool. If it is a table with a diameter of 1.2m, eight dining chairs should not be placed, and the space will be very crowded. It is better to place more than five stools. For a large number of people, folding chairs can be added, and the chairs can be placed in the storage space

2. Square table

the square table has a certain degree of flexibility, and can place a table for six people even in a small space. The standard size of 760mm is often selected for the width of the dining table. If it is lower than 700mm, it is easy to see that the dining table is too narrow and the consumers sitting opposite touch their feet. The height of the dining table is mostly 700mm, which is convenient for consumers to carry vegetables. The dining chair should not be too high. It is recommended to choose a height of about 410mm, which is more comfortable

3. The open and close table

can be extended to meet a variety of needs, and through extension, multi person dining can be realized. Most of the selected groups are families or small units with a small number of people. Open and close table has a long history and is deeply loved by consumers. The dining table is very easy to open and put away, so that the size of the space can be well controlled. The banquet with a large number of people solves the problem of crowding. Just pull the table, you can increase the dining chairs and dining space

precautions for the selection of hotel dining tables and chairs

1 When we choose and buy, we try to choose large brand products, and the quality after-sales is more guaranteed. At the same time, when choosing hotel dining tables and chairs, size is particularly important. You need to take off your shoes and sit on the dining chair to see if you can touch the ground. If you don't reach it, it may be too high in size, which will affect your comfort

2. If it is a high-end dining chair, you need to avoid choosing a dining chair higher than 450mm, which is too high for female friends. You can choose a dining chair with a deep and wide seat surface to meet the needs of consumers of different heights. At the same time, you'd better choose the matching dining chair products, which will be more convenient to use

as for the dining tables and chairs in the hotel, I will temporarily introduce them here, hoping to help you. You need to know more about the decoration of tables and chairs, or you need to know other decoration knowledge. You can pay attention to our more wonderful content, waiting for you




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