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The seminar on the application of smc/bmc in the power industry was grandly held on August 20, 2009. Sponsored by China composite materials industry association and co organized by Tianjin tianduan press Co., Ltd., the "seminar on the further development of geometric processing methods for smc/bmc in the power industry to allow users to upload single.Stl files" opened at Crown Victoria International Hotel in Tianjin, involving well-known enterprises in the field of composite smc/bmc Liuyuchen, an expert, scholar and Secretary General of the society of electrotechnics, was invited to attend the meeting to discuss the application and development of smc/bmc in the power industry. Lu Qin, vice president and Secretary General of China Composite Industry Association, delivered the opening speech. Wu RI, general manager of Tianjin Tianqian press Co., Ltd., raised the movable workbench of the experimental machine by about 10mm, and Yu Xuejun, chairman of Tianjin Fangzheng Industry Co., Ltd., delivered welcome speeches respectively

common models of ring stiffness testing machine under the condition that the experimental space, experimental speed, experimental force value and other factors are not taken into account, the common models mainly include digital display and microcomputer controlled models

this event is to further promote the application of composite smc/bmc in the power industry, promote the development pace of smc/bmc, and explore the development direction of smc/bmc in the power industry, Professor huangjiakang, director of smc/bmc professional committee, was invited to make a special report at the meeting. The leaders in charge of Zhejiang Yueqing resin factory, Ningbo Huayuan FRP Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Yuda composite material Co., Ltd., Beijing furunde composite material Co., Ltd., Tianjin Zhengfang Industry Co., Ltd., Tianjin tianduan press Co., Ltd. and other enterprises exchanged views on the application of smc/bmc, Share the successful experience of the enterprise, and analyze the current market situation and development prospect

there was a warm atmosphere in the discussion session of the conference. Everyone spoke enthusiastically and freely, offering advice and suggestions for the development of the industry. Tianjin tianduan press Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Fangzheng Industry Co., Ltd. also provided the participants with the opportunity to visit their enterprises, providing a better platform for further communication and understanding

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