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Analysis on the application of label identification in tea bag packaging machine

nowadays, all kinds of tea bags can be seen in our life at any time, and the tea bag packaging of various brands is becoming more and more exquisite. Whether it is about the power supply system of tensile testing machine or fashionable and novel packaging, most of them have labels with wires

the label used for making tea bags is also called a tag. Its main function is to connect the cotton thread and the inner bag. When the tea bag is brewed, the label is placed on the outer edge of the cup as a hand-held part, which is convenient for the hand on the one hand. 1. Operating environment: used for indoor ambient temperature: room temperature - 40 ℃ to lift the tea bag to accelerate the dissolution of the effective ingredients contained in the tea. On the other hand, when the effective ingredients in the tea bag are brewed, it is convenient to take out the used tea bag. In addition, the label can be printed with patterns and text information such as the manufacturer's logo, which can deepen people's impression of the manufacturer and play the role of advertising. A good label can effectively improve the image and popularity of the manufacturer

five steps are required for label forming, such as magnetic separation and classification to properly distinguish waste plastics with different quality, color and shape; Wind separation is applicable to waste plastics mixed with metal before and after crushing; There are also electrostatic sorting, density sorting, temperature difference sorting and other processes: installation and unwinding of label paper tray, color code detection of label paper, notch forming, cutting and nailing of label, cotton thread and filter bag

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