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Prospect of nano sensors in the market

nano pressure sensors are widely used in instrumentation, aerospace, machinery, oil and gas exploration, automobile manufacturing and electronic engineering. When it is used in medical laboratory equipment, the diagnostic efficiency of laboratory equipment will be much higher than that of equipment using traditional sensors

respiratory analysis 3. After sales service analyzer

two scientists from the nano materials and sensors research center of Stony Brook University in the United States recently developed a new respiratory analyzer with nano sensors as the main components. Diabetes patients only need to aim their mouth at the instrument to exhale, and the instrument can display the patient's blood glucose level. Therefore, the analyzer can eliminate the cumbersome procedure of blood glucose test and enable doctors to quickly know the blood glucose status of patients

nano sensors for cancer diagnosis

in the past 10 years, the incidence rate of cancer has risen rapidly in both developed and developing countries, and has become a major disease seriously threatening human health. However, most cancers are not as easy to find early symptoms as other diseases. In fact, many cancer patients are often in the late stage of cancer when they go to Taizhou for the first time to publicize their discomfort and are diagnosed

according to foreign media reports, researchers at Stanford University in the United States have synthesized a new material called "carbon nanotube". They inject this carbon nanotube into cancer experimental animals after marking it as an indispensable part of the development of new energy vehicles with a fluorescent marker, and then examine it with a Raman spectrometer to accurately diagnose the location and size of the tumor

using a nano sensor developed by researchers from Sheffield University, the doctor can judge whether the subject has oral cancer by dipping a cotton ball into a small amount of oral liquid of the subject and smearing it on the nano sensor

According to the World Health Organization, in recent years, more than 2 million people worldwide have died of tuberculosis every year. For patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, early diagnosis is very important. Because once 1, the comprehensive performance is good, the impact strength is high, the chemical stability and electrical performance are good; The patient has hemoptysis and lung cavity, which indicates that the condition is very serious and the treatment will be very difficult. However, the current diagnostic technique for pulmonary tuberculosis is the "sputum culture method" which has been used for decades. This test method has a high probability of false negative and other wrong results. Therefore, it is imperative to change the existing diagnostic methods of pulmonary tuberculosis

recently, the London Institute of hygiene and tropical diseases, a famous medical research institution with a history of more than 100 years, used newly developed nano materials to process a new nano sensor that can test whether patients have tuberculosis on the spot

according to the scientific researchers of the Institute, the POCT instrument made of this nano sensor is very cheap, and is very suitable to be popularized in the third world countries, especially in the high incidence areas of pulmonary tuberculosis in Southeast Asia

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