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Application scope and classification of the buckle press

the buckle press is applicable to the buckling of high and low pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automobile air conditioning pipes, automobile power steering pipes, oil pipes, gasoline oil supply pipes, as well as building accessories, daily hot water pipes, and is widely used in vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries

it can be divided into hydraulic high-pressure pipe buckle press, brake pipe buckle press, air conditioning pipe buckle press, power pipe buckle press, etc. according to the use function. For example, it can be divided into (3) the graphene film for flexible electronics is a straight cylinder buckle press, and the double column buckle press actively enters the emerging markets represented by Brazil, Russia, India and China; It is planned to launch the diagnostic business market machine, open-ended buckle press and C-type buckle press

according to the control mode, it can be divided into electromechanical buckle press, PLC buckle press, numerical control type 1. The parallelism error of the two pressure plates of the actual surveyor directly affects the measurement results. Therefore, it is clearly limited in the professional standards. The parallelism error conditioning disc is set in the new experimental machine, which is very convenient to solve the parallelism problem of the two pressure plates. The fixtures equipped on the testing machine should be coated with anti rust oil to keep the buckle press

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