The application scale of coatings for construction

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In 2021, the application scale of China's construction machinery coatings will increase by 3% per year.

march 31, 2021

China Construction Machinery coating market forecast and investment strategy report (2021 Edition) shows that at present, the coating consumption of construction machinery (including forklifts and agricultural machinery) and special vehicles (including fire trucks, oil tankers, cement mixers, dump trucks and other special vehicles) is about 200000 tons, and the application scale will continue to develop steadily at an annual growth rate of 3%-5%

construction machinery enterprises have started to study the application of water-based coatings since 2014. At present, there are large-scale application cases. At present, several production lines of Sany Heavy Industry in Beijing, Kunshan and Shanghai are all water-based. Have you noticed these? Industrial, temporary and Longgong enterprises are also trying to use water-based systems. At present, the overall degree of hydration is less than 5% coating coatingol Traverse curve com. In the construction machinery industry, it has obtained the invention patent authorization from the United States and Canada. Although the speed of replacing solvent based coatings with water-based coatings is not very fast at present, it has become a trend, and the progress will be accelerated in the later stage

in the field of powder coating for construction machinery, powder coating is not only environmentally friendly, but also low-cost, so it is becoming more and more popular. A concept has basically formed in construction machinery: as long as it can be coated with powder coating, it will never choose liquid coating. Due to the thick plates of many construction machinery parts, it needs more energy to use powder coating for baking. Therefore, the powder coating and coating in the construction machinery industry are mainly thin plate parts at present. However, the use cost of powder coating is still very low, which can offset the increase of baking energy consumption to a certain extent. Therefore, the application of powder coating and coating in the construction machinery industry will continue to expand

most of the construction machinery products are large-scale equipment with large external dimensions, so the coating area is also large. The amount of primer for a construction machine is less than a few kilograms (such as forklift), and more than dozens or even hundreds of kilograms (such as large crawler crane). Primer, top coat, putty, intermediate coat and other commonly used coatings for construction machinery. The total amount of coating used for a single construction machinery product is less than ten kilograms, and more than hundreds of kilograms. The market prospect of coatings for construction machinery is very broad. The sponsor of coating enterprises will hold a small-scale achievement promotion meeting during the conference to show that the machinery industry has great potential

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