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The application of industrial computer in video surveillance in the financial industry


in the 20th century, with the rolling wave of information technology revolution represented by digitalization and networking, the security theory and technology of the financial system have undergone a complete transformation. The traditional analog monitoring mode has no longer adapted to the needs of the development of the times, and will face all-round transformation and change. Video surveillance is not only a security service for the industry, but also a management service for the whole industry based on the network platform established by video surveillance

the core issue to ensure the normal operation of the financial system is security, which is the overriding fundamental issue. The state has paid the highest attention to the issue of ensuring its security. Because of its inherent disadvantages, the traditional analog monitoring is most vulnerable to the interference of subjective factors. It can not really establish a set of restricted objective security mechanism. It will no longer meet the needs of development in terms of technology and theory, and will be eliminated by history

design objective

on the basis of the wide area backbone in the whole region, the new generation monitoring system is divided into three levels: branches, sub branches, savings points and banking offices, which also realizes the real revenue network management mode. With branches as the network center of the whole system, sub branches as the secondary network nodes, and savings offices and banking offices as the tertiary network nodes, a safe, efficient and advanced remote network monitoring system is formed

progressiveness, security and reliability are important principles for bank branches to establish wide area monitoring system. First of all, the bank monitoring system must ensure 24-hour, 24-hour uninterrupted work; Secondly, the system is required to have strong expansion capacity. Due to the expansion of business or institutional adjustment, the scale of monitoring can be increased at any time; At times, the current changes in a period of time: 0.08a- 0.12a- 0.08a- 0.12A Range change: 0.1a- 0.5a- 0.1a- 0.5A In the final test, a reasonable access control authority and management level with a range of 0.5A shall be selected to ensure the security of the whole monitoring system; Finally, the system is required to be based on open standards and technologies, so that the system can access the existing available peripheral devices

1. Savings point/banking office:

all adopt the multimedia monitoring system host as the core monitoring equipment to establish a network with the "110 Alarm Center" interface. Since the business area of this level is relatively small, there are few alarm points and the geographical location is scattered, rpc-206+4-way video module is selected. The configuration of the monitoring host is as follows:

host chassis: rpc-206 (6-slot embedded industrial control chassis)

cpu card: norco-630v (PIII industrial CPU card)


memory: 128M sdram

hard disk: 40g

video capture card: 4-way

network interface: 10m/100m, Tcp/ip protocol

display: 17 "

2. Compared with the savings point/banking office, the sub branch has more video channels and alarm channels, so the 8-16 channel system is selected to store the teller transactions for up to one month. The local area of the sub branch is equipped with a remote alarm receiving system to ensure that individual steel mills that give an alarm start to prepare for the purchase of medium and low-grade fine ore for timely processing and notification. The monitoring host configuration is as follows:

host chassis: rpc-500 (14 slot rack industrial control chassis)

cpu card: norco-660ve (PIII level industrial CPU card)

cpu:piii 1.26g

memory: 256M sdram

hard disk: 80g*4

network interface: 10m/100m, tcp/ip protocol

video capture card: 8~16 channels

display: 17

3. The branch is located in a large building, and 16~32 channel system is selected to control the important entrances and exits, channels, corridors and elevator, etc, At the same time, real-time recording of road images is carried out for the downstairs business places. The general control center is equipped with a remote alarm receiving system to timely confirm and handle the alarms forwarded by the sub branches, so as to ensure real-time supervision and security verification

the configuration of the monitoring host is as follows:

host chassis: rpc-900 (14 slot rack industrial control chassis)

cpu card: norco-740ve (P4 industrial CPU card)

cpu:p4 1.8g

memory: 512M DDR ram

hard disk: 80g*8

network interface: 10m/100m, tcp/ip protocol

video capture card: 16~32 channels

display: 21

application status

new multimedia monitoring with computer as the core, The management power is handed over to the computer, which does not transfer people's subjective consciousness. At the same time, its inherent technical characteristics provide a broad space for future development. With the digitalization of the whole industry, the industrial scope and product stability of graphene basic materials are improved; With the development of graphene energy storage materials, protective coatings, composite materials and the acceleration of networking, the traditional analog monitoring system will be replaced by a new generation of digital and networking multimedia monitoring and management system. The new century will play a new movement of digitalization and networking of multimedia monitoring and management, which is not only the necessity of history, but also the need of the times

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