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Railway workers discuss the story of a steel pipe "fixing" a precision railway

a high-speed railway that allows multiple units to run smoothly at a speed of more than 350 kilometers per hour. What equipment should be used in the construction process to ensure the precision of construction

is it a tall beam lifting machine? A beam carrier with nearly 100 wheels? Or a huge beam formwork

when listing these "big guys" with high technical content, we simply don't think of the importance of a simple and rough tool made of a steel pipe, an iron hook or a pair of powerful hands of ordinary workers for such a large project

however, it is undeniable that these are also important "tools"

"Jiang Zhengtong, are you 30 years old?" Wang Dezhi, the project manager, asked a small worker at the site of the final closure of the Beijing Hangzhou canal bridge of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway. "Why am I not 30 years old? My son is 13 years old." This Zhejiang man, who was carrying a steel pipe and wearing glasses, looked young and was walking down the high stairs, obviously did not want his age to be questioned. He has skills completely out of proportion to his age. "This is our reinforcement squad leader. Technically, some engineers are inferior to him." Wang Dezhi turned to introduce

it was dinner time, and Jiang Zhengtong was the last one to go to the canteen. In the past half an hour, he straightened hundreds of steel heads exposed at the bridge joints alone. For him, it's just the end of the job before dinner. While he was working, he observed the thick and thin rebar of these thumbs. It sticks out from the concrete. "Before the bridge is connected, for the convenience of work, pull these steel bar heads to one side first, and then straighten them now." Jiang Zhengtong fiddled with the steel pipe in his hand as he spoke. This is his tool. One end of the steel pipe is welded with an "F" shaped part. Skillfully using this simple tool to deal with steel bars, Jiang Zhengtong looked as easy as pulling his fingers. The head of short steel bar is in the shape of "F". If it meets a long one, it will fall off and use the end of hollow steel pipe. "Actually, it's very laborious. One hand can't be pulled at all." He said

in just half an hour, all the steel bar heads were straightened. After Jiang Zhengge finished these works during his meal time, the workers of his reinforcement class can return to the site for the next step of construction after dinner. They will take small, sharp steel hooks and tie up the steel framework of the bridge with thin wire. "There are sevenoreight or ten such workers here alone." A person in charge at the scene said. This is just a point on the 1318 km high-speed rail line. Only after the formworks and reinforcement workers have completed all the details, can the large-scale equipment begin to work. "We start work at 6:30 a.m. and finish work at 5:30 p.m." Formwork worker liguangzhi told

Fu Junkai, head of the project Department of the fifth bid section of China Railway Third Bureau, said that for the high-speed Ballastless railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the rails and rail bearing platforms are directly laid on the viaduct, so the requirements for the flatness of the subgrade are extremely high, and the errors are calculated in millimeters. Jiang Zhengtong's manual operation completed the internal structure of a precision railway

this detailed manual work can be seen not only on the information bridge of the canal exchange industry, but also at the Zhenjiang station of the high-speed railway. Master Gu from Rugao, Nantong and his partner are responsible for the drilling of platform piles. After the station is completed, the awning on the platform is supported by platform piles. According to master Gu, they will drill 24 holes with a diameter of 32 mm and a depth of 40 cm on the bridge deck of about half a square meter to insert steel bars. This is absolutely "fine work". On average, one platform pile can be drilled in one day, and twoorthree drill bits need to be broken. The value of these drill bits is more than 200 yuan. I tried the diamond drilling machine. Just hold it for a while, I can feel that my arm has begun to numb. The vibration and noise are really uncomfortable. They have to work every day. In the later stage, the billet will meet the production limit test for about 10 hours. "In order to save time, lunch is eaten on the construction site." Master Gu said with a smile

there is also Huangshan Middle Road overpass across the old Shanghai Nanjing railway and Shanghai Nanjing urban railway. Another function of steel pipe can be seen on the partially erected precast beam. A dozen workers are tapping the beam joint with steel pipes - they are sorting out the reinforcement in the expansion joint of the beam. The beam gap is very narrow, so you can only use the flattened steel pipe to stretch in and knock one by one. The sweat on the face of an old worker in his late fifties, wrapped in dust, dripped from time to time, and spread out his palm. The thick calluses on it and the rust on the steel pipe were the same color

our city is changing rapidly under the construction of these workers' steel pipes or hooks. With the successful closure of the Zhenjiang Jinghang Canal Bridge of the high-speed railway, the focus of the next high-speed railway will be to prepare for track laying. Fu Junkai said that the laying of steel rails in Jiangsu section will begin on August 15. Probably in October, the track can be paved to Zhenjiang. Due to the smooth progress of various related projects, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is expected to be opened to traffic ahead of schedule next year. At that time, citizens can take the high-speed train with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour at Zhenjiang station of the high-speed railway located in Nanshan scenic spot to travel conveniently and quickly. More recently, the construction of another high-speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing urban railway, has been completed and opened to traffic in July; With the completion of the middle tower, the construction of the five foundation components of Taizhou Bridge has been completed; Also, the dashikou underpass is under intense construction

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