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Rainbow company developed strongly and set sail to acquire Beijing Nart with 100 million yuan. After the 17th meeting of the first board of directors of the company deliberated and approved the proposal on reviewing and acquiring part of the equity of Beijing Nart thermal insulation and energy saving materials Co., Ltd. and subscribing for its capital increase on September 29, 2009, the second extraordinary general meeting of the company in 2009 was successfully held in Shenzhen Rainbow Industrial City on October 16, The meeting voted unanimously to purchase 45.7% of the equity of Beijing NAR graphene, which can also improve the impact strength of plastic plates or buffers. After the acquisition, it will unilaterally subscribe for the capital increase of the insulation company with 28.8 million yuan, increasing the equity ratio to 52%, so as to achieve full control, which marks the strong start of the company's overall development strategy and further progress

as the leader in the domestic aerosol paint industry, the purpose of rainbow company's acquisition of Beijing nalte company is to implement the company's development strategy. After the successful acquisition, rainbow will have the technology research and development, production and manufacturing, channel sales of four types of building materials products in the existing home decoration and construction field, including thermal insulation, coating, fire prevention, doors and windows and curtain walls, in addition to the traditional eight product series of aerosol paint, architectural coating, adhesives, home care, etc The complete industrial chain of engineering services is under the condition of removing difficult materials such as lead. However, the plant, coating equipment, doors and windows, and curtain wall equipment of Beijing nalte thermal insulation and energy-saving materials Co., Ltd. are first-class in the world, and the manufacturing capacity is second to none in China. The product technology is at the top of the sample breakpoint in China. Once officially launched, it can enter the normal operation state. At that time, the core advantages of the company in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection building materials will become increasingly prominent, and the product structure and types will continue to expand, The network layout will be more perfect and the market competitiveness will be rapidly improved

at present, the relevant matters after the acquisition are being handled in an intense and orderly manner, so we can see that the relevant progress, please pay attention

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