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Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting on January 28, and now it is the factory director of our plant to convene a State Council executive meeting to deploy and speed up the export of Chinese equipment such as railway, nuclear power and building materials production lines, promote international production capacity cooperation and improve the level of cooperation. The meeting said that in accordance with market principles, we should expand the channels for the use of foreign exchange reserves, support enterprises to raise funds by issuing stocks or bonds at home and abroad, play the role of policy financial instruments, and provide reasonable financing facilities for major equipment and advantageous production capacity to go global

experts said that it is an inevitable demand for China's economic development to promote China's equipment to go global and carry out international production capacity cooperation. China's equipment and production capacity are cost-effective and have certain competitive advantages in the international market, but there is still much room for improvement in quality and safety. Actively participating in global market competition is not only conducive to steady growth, but also a major opportunity to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and make China's economy move from the middle and low-end to the middle and high-end level

at present, the investment and construction of domestic high-speed rail are in full swing, and the achievements of going global are also very eye-catching. Promoting China's high-speed rail to foreign countries has almost become one of the homework that Premier Li Keqiang must do during his visit. At present, China is negotiating high-speed rail cooperation projects with 28 countries including the United States, Russia, Brazil and Thailand

follow China's High-speed Railway 18. Test bench lifting device: fast/slow speed controls the pace of going out. Most A-share high-speed railway concept stocks have good gains. Guotai Junan said that the construction of high-speed rail has blossomed at home and abroad, which has fundamentally changed the Growth Logic of the sector and improved the level of profit prediction and valuation. It believes that there is still room for investment in three themes in high-speed rail stocks in 2015: first, high-speed rail locomotive manufacturing enterprises, and second, high-speed rail accessories enterprises that are prone to twists and turns; Third, enterprises that benefit from the construction of railway informatization

as an industry with obvious competitive advantages in China's high-end equipment, nuclear power going global has been upgraded to a national strategy. It is understood that in 2014, the promotion and scope of nuclear power going global reached a new level. China's nuclear power authorities and nuclear power enterprises signed cooperation documents with France, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and other countries. CNNC has reached cooperation agreements with Argentina and Canada, and the layout of CNNC in Britain, Romania and other places has also achieved results

analysts believe that with the accelerated pace of going out of nuclear power, which can resist fatigue of vehicle body or attachment points, the construction, technology research and development, and equipment production around nuclear power will be significantly accelerated. For the secondary market, the going out of nuclear power will release huge market space, and the nuclear power sector will usher in a clear positive. Qian Qimin, an analyst at Shenyin Wanguo, believes that at present, nuclear power is a major theme that can run through the whole investment field in 2015, and overseas marketing and going global are worth looking forward to

in addition, it is reported that the merger of China Power Investment Group and National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, which has attracted much attention, has been signed and approved by the top decision-making level recently. At present, the SASAC is formulating a specific plan, and the official will announce the merger plan of the two giants recently. This is another major reorganization between central enterprises after the merger of CNR and CSR. CNNC and CGNPC have launched IPO work respectively in 2014 to finance subsequent nuclear power projects. It is expected that the IPO will also be launched after the merger of China Power Investment and National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation

the meeting on the same day also decided to focus on steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, light textile and other industries, and support enterprises to use domestic equipment to build upstream and downstream supporting production lines overseas, so as to realize the going out of products, technologies and compliance standards; Through foreign project contracting and foreign investment, we will consolidate the export of complete sets of equipment such as communications, electricity, construction machinery and ships. Support enterprises' overseas mergers and acquisitions, establish overseas R & D centers, etc., and improve their transnational business capabilities

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