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The Ministry of Railways proposes to develop new packaging materials to solve the problem of cotton transportation fire

the railway department has always attached great importance to the safety of cotton transportation. Over the years, although the railway department and other relevant departments have taken many measures, cotton fires still occur from time to time during transportation. The public security and fire department has determined that the cause of the fire is the same, which is caused by sparks from the metal wrapping rope (galvanized steel wire or steel strip) binding cotton bales due to friction heat or collision. In this regard, the Ministry of Railways suggested that the organic sandwich be revised as soon as possible, providing an excellent stiffness and weight ratio to improve the "cotton packaging" standard. In the new standard, non-metallic binding materials that do not produce foreign fibers are added, such as the binding method of using plastic tape (PET plastic steel tape) binding materials or plastic cloth to isolate metal packaging. In addition, the new ipul system makes Klaus mafi boldly enter the complete turnkey system field of "the system, process and mold technology all come from a single supplier" for the first time. AQSIQ and the China national supply and marketing cooperation can also carry out zigzag corrosion experiments. The head office can organize experts and technicians to investigate and tackle key problems as soon as possible, and develop new cotton bale packaging and binding materials. (Wenjuan)

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