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Freezing rain and snow hit Jiangxi, 500 kV power basically paralyzed

Jiangxi: 500 kV power basically paralyzed, a large-scale power outage in Fuzhou area

Xinhua News: the latest news from the Electricity Regulatory Commission, Jiangxi power line icing is very serious, 500 kV power basically paralyzed, mainly relying on 220 kV power to support the operation. A large-scale power outage has occurred in Fuzhou

except for Hunan, Jiangxi and Guizhou, the operation of electric power is basically stable

Xinhua News: the latest news of the China Electricity Regulatory Commission: up to now, the operation of central China electric power is basically stable except for Hunan and Jiangxi, the operation of southern electric power is basically stable except for Guizhou, and the overall operation of East China electric power remains stable. The operation of electric power in North China, Northeast China and Northwest China is basically stable

the Three Gorges power transmission remained smooth

Yichang, Xinhua, January 30 (Jiang Shiqiang) the packaging bags of the State Grid Corporation and China using pacxpert technology also have a large area of shelf display space. The relevant person in charge of the State Three Gorges Corporation said on the 30th that although some of the transmission channels of the Three Gorges power were damaged by the snow disaster, the power generated by the Three Gorges project can be transmitted smoothly, and there is no phenomenon of power generation and failure downtime

Wang Zuli, director of the Engineering Management Office of the construction and operation Department of the State Power Corporation, said that at present, the power generated by the Three Gorges power station is mainly transmitted through three DC transmission lines (Sanxia Shanghai), Sanxia Changzhou and Sanxia Guangdong), as well as 15 AC transmission lines, which are mainly transmitted to 11 provinces in Central China, East China and South China

Shanghai Electric Power: the first battle against disasters and electricity protection was won

National telegraph message: on the morning of January 29, the maximum power load of Shanghai electric power began to fall, and the first round of rain and snow disturbance ended. In the rain and snow since the 10th, Shanghai electric power has turned the corner several times

since the rainy and snowy weather on January 26, the three power supply companies of Shanghai Electric Power Company in the urban area, the East and the south of the city have handled 4500 reported failures, and dispatched more than 15000 emergency repair personnel, with a repair rate of 100%. Residents' electricity consumption is basically unaffected. In view of the possible peak power consumption gap in winter, the relevant departments of Shanghai company and its power supply units should formulate an orderly power consumption plan in winter as soon as possible, strengthen demand side management in the tense stage of power supply and consumption, prepare customers to avoid peak mistakes in advance, and work together to arrange production, so as to minimize the impact on the order of social life. At present, Shanghai company is still ready to deal with the possible bad weather in the future. (Wang Changxing)

Jiangsu Electric Power: the blizzard raid was safe and sound

National telegraph news: Recently, 50 blizzards fell in Jiangsu Province, and Jiangsu electric power is facing the test of the largest blizzard in 50 years. "In the face of the disaster, Jiangsu main power is safe and sound!" On January 29, Ma Sulong, deputy general manager of Jiangsu electric power company, issued a notice to social media

after the emergency meeting of national household appliance company for disaster relief and rescue on the evening of January 28, Fei Shengying, general manager of Jiangsu company, immediately deployed all work to protect power supply against snow disasters. At present, Jiangsu company has formed three teams of first-aid repair, on duty and logistics support, so that the organization, personnel, and materials are in place

it is understood that in order to ensure the normal use of electricity by enterprises and residents, Jiangsu company has strengthened its line patrol force. At present, there are 8000 people in the front line of disaster prevention and electricity protection in Jiangsu power every day, and another 5000 people are ready to go at any time. As of press time, there has been no fault or major equipment defect in the main power supply of Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. at 110 kV and above, and the distribution system and low-voltage power consumption faults below 10 kV have been dealt with in a timely manner

it is also understood that Jiangsu company continues to improve the power emergency plan and anti accident measures, and focuses on ensuring the power demand of residents' lives and hospitals, finance, transportation, commerce and trade involving the nature of social public interests by strengthening power stability operation analysis, scientific scheduling and demand side management. On the 28th, the maximum power load was about 31.2 million KW, and the power operation was safe and reliable

on January 29, the blizzard stopped temporarily, and the melting ice period after the snow posed the greatest threat to electricity. In this regard, Jiangsu company thought ahead and responded positively: on the one hand, it required relevant personnel to take safety measures to remove ice in time, on the other hand, it contacted the fire brigade to help "blow snow" to avoid and eliminate the "long ice string" on the electric insulator in time

in the past few days, 35% of the distribution faults are internal power consumption faults of residents. In this regard, Jiangsu company timely reminded residents to use electricity safely and economically. It is understood that there is no customer complaint at present due to the timely service of Jiangsu company. (Chen Fei)

Zhejiang Electric Power: start level II emergency response

National telegraph message: affected by a wide range of snowfall, some transmission lines of Zhejiang electric power were damaged, the safe and stable operation was threatened, and the power supply of some villages was affected. At 22:00 on January 28, Zhejiang electric power company launched the level II emergency response to the ice and snow disaster, spared no effort to repair the damaged power facilities, and did a good job in residents' lives and power supply for key customers to ensure power safety

from 11:00 on January 27 to 7:00 on January 29, 9 500 kV lines of Zhejiang Power tripped 10 times, 6 220 kV lines tripped 6 times, 3 110 kV lines, 44 35 kV lines and 417 10 kV lines tripped. The 220 kV line has 5 inverted towers. The disaster did not cause load loss. The power supply of 2824 villages in 55 towns in the province was affected, mainly in Lishui, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Quzhou and other regions

after the disaster, the majority of employees of Zhejiang company quickly put into emergency repair work under the condition of icy roads and heavy fog. As of 7:00 on January 29, 220 kV one circuit, 35 kV two circuits and 10 kV 236 circuits have resumed operation; Power supply has been restored to 1415 villages in 25 townships. (Lu Yongfeng, Shi Hongxing)

Sichuan Electric Power: the situation is urgent and the order is in order

National telegram message: on January 27 and 28, the power limit of Sichuan electric power reached 54.8 million kWh and 56.03 million kwh respectively. As of January 29, 13 of the 20 thermal power plants in Sichuan were in the early warning state of power coal, of which 7 were in a state of emergency. At present, the average daily electricity gap of Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. has reached 70million kwh, with a gap of about 26%. Sichuan electric power company launched the emergency plan for power operation on the 27th, and worked closely with relevant departments in the province. So far, it has ensured the safe and stable operation of the main power supply and Panzhihua power supply, and the whole power supply is in order

as of 12:00 on the 29th, the ice and snow disaster weather caused the shutdown of five 500 kV lines and one 220 kV line of Sichuan electric power, and the shutdown of one 500 kV substation and one 220 kV substation. The reasons for the failure of 500 kV common antenna 26 are as follows: Tower 7 fell, and the ground wire of two 500 kV lines was broken. Sichuan electric power has been separated into two parts: the main power plant and Ertan Power Plant with Panzhihua power plant. Since January 22, power outages caused by insufficient supply of power coal, ice and snow disasters and other factors have involved a population of 4.62 million

in view of the severe situation, Sichuan electric power company urgently launched the accident emergency plan, analyzed the disaster situation regularly every day, and formulated measures to ensure power supply for ice resistance and disaster relief. Five working groups went to Ebian, Xichang, Mabian, Yibin, Luzhou and other hard hit areas to command the rescue. As of the 28th, more than 2000 employees of Sichuan company have been involved in the first-line rescue. Sichuan company immediately arranged the power transmission trial run of the line according to the disaster situation and the rescue progress. At present, 15 trial power transmission times of 500 kV lines have been arranged, and none of them has been successful

the leaders of Sichuan Province are very concerned about the development of the disaster. They called 21 cities (prefectures) and relevant units in the province to hold an emergency television meeting on power supply, and proposed to repair the four circuit transmission line of Ertan Power Plant as soon as possible, and strengthen the inspection to ensure the safety of the lines in operation; Strive to win the support of State Grid Corporation of China and Huazhong Power Co., Ltd; From the aspects of transportation and coal production, we should strengthen self-help efforts in the province, strengthen the management of power demand side, ensure the power consumption of residents and important units, do a good job in safety production, and correctly guide social public opinion. (Huang xingyong)

Fujian Power: the northwest is equipped with icing main safe operation

National telegraph message: since January 11, the northwest of Fujian has been continuously cold. Since January 24, there has been freezing rain in Pucheng and other places in Nanping, and the northwest Fujian electric power station has encountered a large area of ice covering rarely seen in history. Due to the line icing and the tipping pressure of Alpine bamboo and wood icing, the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) material line with 10kV and below to improve the strength of lightweight bicycles and rackets in 12 mountainous counties (cities) of Nanping, Sanming and Longyan in the northwest of Fujian Province fell (broke) poles and lines, causing 35 kV and 10 kV lines to trip. As of 8:00 on the 29th, three 110 kV lines and 10 35 kV lines of Minxi Beidian had tripped, six 35 kV substations had been cut off, and 156 10 kV lines had tripped; 632 reverse (broken) poles, 596 broken lines and 1193 distribution transformers were shut down for lines of 10kV and below. Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to emergency work and takes effective measures to organize emergency repair. At present, the main power supply of 110 kV and above in the province operates safely and stably, the power consumption of important customers has been restored, and the main artery of the Spring Festival transportation of Railways and highways has been unblocked. (niewuzeng)

Ningxia: heavy snow has fallen continuously, and the operation is stable

National telegram message: from January 12 to 23, there was a continuous blizzard in Ningxia, which posed a great threat to power safety. On the evening of the 27th, heavy snow fell again in Ningxia. During the snowfall, Ningxia electric power company launched the emergency plan in time and took effective measures. Thousands of employees entered the war readiness state to ensure the stability of power operation. As of January 29, no equipment damage and power failure accidents caused by bad weather have occurred to Ningxia power owners. Ningxia company formulates special measures according to meteorological information, reasonably arranges power operation mode, strengthens equipment inspection, prepares measure plans for 35 kV and above transmission lines to resist snowstorm and icing disasters, and formulates rescue plans; Use the icing monitoring system to monitor the whole line, judge the icing type, and accurately divide the icing disaster area. Actively assist important customers to take safe electricity use measures, strengthen the line inspection in the icing area of agricultural distribution, and further provide services to ensure people's living electricity. (chi Changbin)

East China Power: work together to ensure safety

National telegraph message: with the continuation of cold weather, East China power load continues to rise. However, due to adverse factors such as disastrous weather and power coal shortage, the power supply situation in East China is becoming increasingly severe. East China Power Co., Ltd. cooperates with the power companies in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian to make concerted efforts and lean management to ensure the safe and stable operation of East China power

affected by the rare freezing weather of rain and snow, as of 8:00 on January 28, the snow cover along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River generally reached 30 ~ 40 cm. The ice of East China power line greatly exceeds the design value, and the power loss is huge. From January 15 to now, the 500 kV line of East China power has tripped 43 times due to icing and snow. On January 17, the 500 kV Yihua DC fell two towers, and the tower head was seriously damaged; The Anhui Anqing section of the Genan DC line was shut down due to severe icing, and the voltage was reduced after de icing on the 26th. At the same time, the total power load is rising, the internal power generation capacity is reduced by 37 million KW, and the coal storage for power generation is further reduced. At present, the adjustable output of East China power is only 111 million KW

under the guidance and support of the State Grid Corporation of China, East China company gives full play to its regional power advantages, closely coordinates with the power companies in four provinces and one city, and carries out peak valley power replacement with central China power to obtain external power in the region as far as possible. Relevant departments work together to tap the internal potential. Adjust the surplus and shortage according to the different peak hours of each province and city; Use various measures to tap domestic potential, flexibly adjust the power receiving trend of provinces along the "Anhui east power transmission" line, arrange mobile standby of some hydropower stations, and adjust the unit maintenance plan; Start demand side management to ensure orderly power consumption. At present, demand side management involves a full load of more than 6million

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