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Rainbow shares: capital increase in glass substrate business

event: Rainbow shares (600707, Guba) recently released the "non public development bank stock plan" announcement, which plans to issue no more than 5.4 billion non-public shares (private placement) to the actual controller rainbow group company, the strategic investor Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone Industrial Corporation and other investors; The issue price shall not be less than 6.60 yuan per share; The net amount of the raised funds after deducting the issuance expenses is expected to be no more than 3.5 billion yuan. The raised funds are intended to be used entirely for the capital increase of Shaanxi Rainbow Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "electronic glass company")

the U.S. military suddenly exposed that B-3 bombers would give priority to the deployment around China (picture). Investors sold off when the gold price exceeded 1000

relevant people refuted rumors that the rise and fall of the gem could complete storage The printing limit is 20%, and the inquiry results of 10 companies on the gem are generally higher than expected. Hu Jintao: depending on the economic situation, prepare for a new response to the case. The chain of small property rights housing transactions is broken, and 10 billion gambling funds are covered. Photovoltaic enterprises staged polysilicon "bet"

the average current price of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen real estate market fell together. Comments: after the non-public offering, rainbow shares will obtain the controlling stake of electronic glass companies, thus obtaining the glass substrate business, and gradually have more perfect display technology products; Caihong group has not changed its position as the actual controller of Caihong shares, Caihong electronics, Hefei company and Zhangjiagang company

the friction head is placed in the middle of the glass substrate above the "smile curve" of the LCD manufacturing industry chain, which belongs to a technology monopoly industry. Foreign major manufacturers have obtained a large amount of excess monopoly profits by virtue of their monopoly position. According to the prediction of isuppi, a well-known market research institution, the global glass substrate Market in the second half of this year will increase by more than 40% compared with the operation distance of the previous (3) half year, and the annual market scale will be 22.7 billion square meters, reaching a record high. In the long run, the demand for LCD panels will continue to rise. Major domestic panel manufacturers represented by BOE are actively building the 6th generation tft-cd panel production line, and the demand for glass substrates is expected to be 2.16 million pieces/year after reaching the production capacity. Other panel manufacturers are also planning to build the 6th generation tft-cd panel production line in Nanjing and Shanghai. If all the above projects are completed, the domestic demand for glass substrates will reach 5.76 million pieces/year. It can be seen that the market prospect of glass substrate is very broad

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