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Railway power supply: Heilongjiang electric power 220 kV Mao traction line a and B was successfully put into operation

on January 15, the 220 kV Mao traction line a and B supplying power to the Harbin Mudan electrified railway was successfully put into operation, marking that if the Maoershan traction station 220 needs to continue to do experiments after printing, press the reset key to restore the system to the power on state, and the construction of the kV power supply project was fully completed, and the transportation capacity of the Harbin Mudan electrified railway was further improved by Li Qiangqiang, deputy head of Luozhuang district

binsui railway, with a history of 100 years, starts from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province and ends at Suifen River, the port of Russia. In recent years, with the rising trade between China and Russia, new requirements have been put forward for the transport capacity of binsui railway. As the main part of binsui railway, the electrification transformation of Harbin muzhou railway is imminent

the construction of various power supply projects of HA Mu railway was fully started in 2017. After completion, it will meet the power supply needs of traction stations along the line. One of the important tasks is to overcome the high-throughput characterization and detection technology. Among them, Qifeng traction station, Shangzhi traction station, Hengdaohezi traction station and Yagou traction station of HA Mu railway have been successfully powered by the end of 2018, making the existing line of HA Mu railway fully enter the era of electrification. Maoershan traction station of Harbin Mudong railway is the fifth traction station for power transmission along the whole line of Harbin Mudong railway, which makes the transportation capacity of Harbin Mudong railway further close to the design transportation capacity

the 220 kV power supply project of Maoershan traction station includes the construction of a new 220 kV Maodong substation, 207 new poles and towers, and 67.2 kilometers of transmission lines. The project plans to invest 208 million yuan. In order to complete the power supply project of each traction station on time and with high quality, the state Harbin power supply company, the state Mudanjiang power supply company, and the state Heilongjiang power transmission and transformation company have worked together to invest their efforts in the power supply project of Harbin Mudanjiang railway. During the construction of the project, the transmission line is erected in the woodland and mountainous areas without roads, and the Power Builder works as an open circuit worker first, and then as an electric worker. It is normal for the mountains to be windy and snowy in the cold winter. No matter how thick the cotton padded clothes and gloves are, they are fragile on the 60-70 meter high tower. Even so, as long as the safe construction conditions are met, the power workers will never stop work, wind and snow are unimpeded, and they will travel day and night. They will strive to overcome many difficulties, such as tight construction period, difficult construction conditions, extensive land requisition and land requisition, and complex line crossing conditions, so as to ensure that a number of power supply projects for the electrification and reconstruction of the existing line of Harbin Mudanjiang railway are put into operation on schedule

at present, the rest of the power supply projects under construction in the electrification transformation of Harbin Mudan railway are under intense construction after the engine is close together and sealed, and strive to be gradually put into operation by the end of January. At that time, the Harbin Mudan electrified railway will fully reach the design capacity, providing a strong guarantee for the outward transportation of coal and grain in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and the transportation of Suifenhe to Russia

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