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Rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass production line runs through the whole line, and the glass factory informs the group company.

through the hard work of all cadres and workers of rainbow glass factory, the rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass construction project has achieved gratifying results of "construction, production and effectiveness in the same year". On the morning of December 27th, 2010, the director of rainbow glass factory led the cadres and technicians of rainbow glass factory and all the team leaders who affected the correct reset of the force measuring pointer. In the sound of festive gongs and drums, they lined up from the second factory of rainbow glass factory to the front of the office building of the group company and reported the good news to the group company. More than 200 people, including leaders of the group company, leaders of functional departments of the group company, leaders of Rainbow Electronics and other secondary units in Xiancheng, leaders of Rainbow Electronics Department, managers of the group company and Rainbow Electronics Department, attended the news ceremony of rainbow glass factory

At the good news ceremony, Fu Yusheng, the director of rainbow glass factory, first read out the good news. Xing Daoqin, general manager of the group company, and Fu Yusheng, factory director of rainbow glass factory jointly unveiled the leading photovoltaic original glass and tempered glass. Zhang Junhua, President of Rainbow Electronics, presided over the good news ceremony and read out the commendation order of Xing Daoqin, chairman of Rainbow Electronics

Tao Kui, Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, made a speech. Tao Kui said that the rainbow photovoltaic industry is an important decision made by the group company to actively implement the national strategy of "creating a conservation oriented society and promoting sustainable development", comply with the development trend of the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad, and accelerate the strategic transformation of the enterprise. It is one of the projects that the group company attaches great importance to the innovation industry by adding butter points to the lead screws on both sides. The rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass project was officially demolished and rebuilt on March 17 this year, and the pool furnace was ignited on schedule on October 19. The pilot production of the lead plate was started on November 15, and the whole production line was opened on December 4, and the leading piece of qualified photovoltaic glass was successfully offline. During this period, the leaders of Rainbow Electronics attached great importance to it, organized it carefully and arranged it scientifically. All the staff of rainbow glass factory worked day and night, made selfless contributions, braved difficulties and challenges, and won a phased major victory in the construction of rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass project. Here, on behalf of rainbow group, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks again to all leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the cause of rainbow! I would like to pay high tribute to all the project builders who have participated in the construction of phase II photovoltaic glass project and have made great efforts

the opening of the rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass production line is another new profit growth point of the group company after the great success of the rainbow phase I photovoltaic glass project, which will add a strong driving force to the enterprise transformation, marking a more solid step in the enterprise transformation, and also proving the correctness of the group company's business policy of "adjustment and optimization, stability, speed and strength"

the production line of rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass has been opened. Next, there is a more difficult and important domestic task that needs everyone to work together after more than 30 years of rapid increase in wealth. It is hoped that all the cadres and workers of rainbow glass factory will continue to carry forward the work style of continuous fighting and overcoming difficulties, as well as the fighting spirit of fearing hardship and climbing the peak. Seize market opportunities, conduct fine management, dare to innovate, work hard, keep improving, strive to improve production capacity and yield test and utilization, produce photovoltaic glass products with excellent quality and performance, supply the market, and make greater contributions to the successful transformation of the enterprise

finally, the leaders of the group company cordially expressed their condolences to the employees of the glass factory

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