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Some suggestions for printing enterprises to choose CTP

CTP plate making machine brings more and more benefits to printing enterprises. When enterprises are gearing up for CTP machines, how to choose CTP has become a top priority. The price should be appropriate and the performance should be stable; After the price is appropriate and the performance is stable, we still hope to improve the efficiency. In the face of so many demands and so many brands, how to choose? Personally, I think Indian enterprises should consider six aspects

photosensitivity or thermal sensitivity

generally speaking, commercial printing plants (books, magazines, pictorials), packaging plants and other enterprises with high color quality requirements should choose thermal sensitivity; Photosensitive is suitable for high-speed production units that do not have high requirements for color quality, such as newspapers. Thermal CTP plate is relatively cheap, currently at 35~50 yuan/square meter; Photosensitive plates are relatively expensive, about 55 yuan/square meter. In terms of market share, there are more heat sensitive ones. With the development of technology, the speed of thermal CTP machine has also been improved. For example, Kodak Chaosheng 400 can reach the production speed of 42 copies per hour

what kind of speed to choose

speed should be considered according to the actual situation of our factory. With CTP machine, there is no need to print, and the possibility that the lubrication effect of the plate cover is not allowed to be reduced is almost zero. Estimate how many sets of plates are needed every day, how many plates are needed, and how many hours CTP works with the printing press. Considering the development of business, the speed choice comes out. The technical progress of 16 plastic granulators on the market is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. CTP machines with a speed of 10/hour, 22/hour, 30/, 40/or even higher are available, but choosing high speed requires more money


CTP machines with four opening, half opening, full opening, large format, and even super large format (such as Kodak XLF model: 1296mm*2260mm) are available. The factors of typography should be considered when choosing the format

point quality

the quality of the point needs to be carefully investigated. The point is composed of laser points. We should know more about the differences and characteristics between GLV laser technology and square spot laser technology. FM is the focus of many printing enterprises, focusing on whether it can be used for mass production, whether the process is stable, whether it needs to constantly adjust the printing conditions to achieve, and whether there is a ready-made model user? Wait

about workflow

from computer page to layout, workflow determines the efficiency and cost of plate making process. Put forward your concerns to the suppliers of CTP solutions and see if their processes can help you. For example: can trapping be completed automatically? Can this file format be accepted? I have ICC features of 4 different printing machines. Can the process accept them and automatically guide the publication? Wait

about brand

brand is not only popularity, but also connotation. Market share, service characteristics (such as the number and distribution of engineering and technical personnel, whether there is Internet-based remote support and diagnosis services, training services, after-sales services, etc.), equipment operation stability, user reputation, calculation of return on investment, and technological development potential, these are brand factors to be considered. Generally speaking, some enterprises invest in CTP to deeply tap the production potential of printing PU foaming materials with low shrinkage skew, high elasticity and anti slip characteristics (let the printing machine stop less and turn more and print more), or improve the printing quality, or establish and improve the pre press and printing operation standards and norms, and establish the color management and quality control system of the whole enterprise, or there are all three, and others, ha ha. Before choosing, it is most important to determine what you want, clarify the purpose, and then the investigation can be applied to the latest raw material formula, which will be targeted, and the effect and efficiency will be good

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