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Some students in three primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will use e-book bags

can e-book bags reduce the burden on students?

don't bring a lot of books and go to school with a tablet computer. At the beginning of the new semester, some students from three primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will try new things and use light cleaning machines: e-book bags made of high-density polyethylene and general polystyrene

in order to promote the construction of educational informatization and reduce the burden on students, yesterday, the education and culture of Wuhan East Lake High Tech Development Zone decided to start school this autumn in six classes of Optics Valley No. 4 primary school, Optics Valley No. 6 primary school and Optics Valley experimental middle school, and to pilot the use of e-book bags free of charge

what does the e-book bag look like

a tablet computer with teaching auxiliary materials

yesterday, at the fourth primary school of Optics Valley, a pilot school, we saw that the e-book bag is similar to the iPad tablet computer in shape and slightly larger than books. It is an electronic mobile terminal product integrating textbooks, reference books, classroom and homework, and teacher-student interaction. Students don't need to bring many textbooks and teaching aids to class. An e-book bag can do it all

after startup, the information of the registrant appears on the e-book package interface. Log in with the registered user name and click the start learning button to open the teaching materials and exercises stored inside. During class, the teacher's host is connected with the e-book bag of the whole class, and the content of the lecture is played on two electronic whiteboards through the projector. The e-book bag can also be accessed to educational resources and download learning materials

at present, its price is more than 2000 yuan, which is similar to that of ordinary tablet computers

what benefits does e-book bag bring?

it is more convenient for teachers and students to interact in class.

this summer vacation, some teachers in three pilot schools received training in e-book bag teaching

because the E-Book Package fully integrates modern multimedia technology, it makes learning very vivid and makes the process of data analysis simple and intuitive. In addition to text and pictures, audio and video can also be used for teaching. For example, clicking on English words can read aloud, and some abstract principles can be demonstrated through animation, which is easier for students to understand. Students can also record the content of the teacher's class into a video, which is convenient for review after going home

Zhan Chulei, a mathematics teacher in the fourth grade of Optics Valley fourth primary school, said that using e-book bags for teaching, the teacher can assign homework with the click of a mouse, and can assign different homework for different students. Students no longer need to copy exercises. The teacher can also directly correct students' homework and leave messages on the computer. The students' completion of homework can be quickly fed back, which greatly improves the teaching efficiency

teachers and parents 1. The influence of fixtures is very convenient to communicate

in the view of Yu Wenting, the head teacher of class 2, grade 4, grade 4, Optics Valley, it is more convenient for teachers to communicate with parents through e-book bags. There is a special parent contact area on it. Teachers can put all the materials such as schedules, teaching plans, school reminders, homework in it, so that parents can understand and urge their children to learn

environmental protection, reduce the burden on students' schoolbags

the weight of e-book bags is only 630 grams, equivalent to the weight of two books, which is much lighter than traditional schoolbags. Fewer paper textbooks also mean more environmental protection. At present, the number of students in school in China is about 300million, only nine years of compulsory education, and the paper consumption of printed books and other learning materials is amazing every year

the question behind the e-book bag

will it be regarded as a game console

according to the relevant person of Wistron software company, the technicians have considered this problem at the beginning of the design. Unlike tablet computers, e-book bags are not open operating systems, and entertainment applications cannot be installed at will. Students cannot use them to do things unrelated to learning. All the information in them comes from teachers, so there is no need to worry about students using them to play games

do you hurt your eyes after long-term use

can your eyes tolerate facing the tablet computer all day? Some teachers said that the e-book bag is an auxiliary means of teaching in the pilot stage. Students do not watch the screen every minute in class, but also listen to the teacher's explanation and participate in classroom activities

technical experts said that with the update of information technology, it is expected to launch and popularize eye-friendly displays in the future

will it replace traditional books

Professor Fan xianzuo of the school of Educational Sciences of central China Normal University believes that traditional paper book teaching also has its advantages. Teachers' blackboard writing and students' writing can have a subtle effect, and e-book bags will not completely replace traditional teaching. He also said that as an important modern learning tool, e-book bags should be well used

the relevant person of Wistron said that the e-book bag is used as an auxiliary learning tool and will be combined with the traditional classroom. In the fourth primary school of Optics Valley, considering that teachers and students may not adapt to the use of e-book bags at the beginning, the school has also installed a traditional blackboard next to the electronic whiteboard in the classroom, so as to give full play to the advantages of both

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